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Integrative Network Design Project, Part 3

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There are many considerations that have to be looked at in order to create a new network for Kudler Fine Foods that will allow the company to perform well in the current market, be able to expand and grow, and connect all locations together as well as keep each facility running at optimal conditions. In order for the new network to be successful consideration have to be taken in the use of LANs and WANs in the network, other wireless technologies used in the company, various other parts included in today’s data communication networks, and in the types of security used in all of these items. All of these items are important in building a network that will operate for the company in the manner ...view middle of the document...

, & Jarret, K. W. 2007). The company has chosen to use Microsoft Windows as the OS for its interface systems because of its ease of use and technical support. These LANs will then go through routers in each facility to reach the internet, tie in to all other information from the company, and form the WAN backbone of the company.
There are two main functions of the WAN plans for the Kudler Fine Foods project. The first is the actual WAN itself that connects all of the locations to each other and the companies that they do business with. The second is the creation and use of a company intranet in order to make sure that access is limited to company approved sites and usages. The company WAN will be formed from all the separate facilities connected together and the main servers for this network will be housed in the home office facility of the company. The WAN will use satellite wireless networking in order to connect each of the separate facilities to the main servers at the home office and will enable up to the minute sales and other information to be shared throughout the company. The company intranet will allow limited access to the internet and will be formed in a way that allows for quick retrieval of any company information and training that is needed by employees.
In order for each facility of Kudler Fine Foods to be competitive it is important to include other wireless technologies in the plans for the new network. These technologies include wireless handheld scanners for use in inventory tracking, sales assistance, and ordering. Another wireless technology that will be very helpful for the company would be an inventory tracking and coding system. The handheld scanners will use antennas through key locations of each facility to broadcast a signal that can be picked up by the handheld. This would allow them to access the facility and overall company network in order to update inventory information, let users see information about product and ordering, and change any information about the item. All of this could be done from any location in the facility and boost efficiency and productivity.
There are several key components that will build the network for the Kudler Fine Foods company. This includes routers, switches, cabling, and even new technologies that are being introduced. Routers are important because they connect all of the networks together and allow information to be shared from one computer to another on the facility network, they connect all of the facility networks together, and they provide access to the internet for each facility. With the standards and speeds of internet capability and networking power growing exponentially it is important to make the correct decision with which type of cabling to use in the network. The decision has been made to use Ethernet for the network design for Kudler Fine Foods based on a balance of capability and cost. This will provide adequate speed at a relatively low cost and allow the...

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