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Integration Strategies Of Various Network Monitoring/Management Platforms With

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Integration Strategies of Various Network Monitoring/Management Platforms with
HP Openview Service Desk

IT Services Management is a vast field but still it contains broadly three pieces to it: Network Monitoring, Network Management and Service Delivery. Looking at the markets today, it is obvious that the best pitch is made by whatever comes cost effective to the pocket; and with a huge number of Network Monitoring tools coming into the market (some being free/open source), the primary concern is to bring together the three pieces in a seamlessly consolidated form.
Breaking this into separate detailed parts, the first bit is the Network Monitoring. Monitoring a network is simple; ...view middle of the document...

The more popularly known Network Monitoring/Management Tools currently available are:

• Big Brother
• Nagios/Netsaint
• OpenNMS
• Cheops-ng
• Weathermap
• Nino


• Aprisma
• Netcool
• Concord
• Proviso
• InfoVista
• Sitescope
• Solarwinds

These tools are spread over different OS platforms. And considering that most of these do not come with an internal event correlation, it would be ideal to suggest an external Event Correlation Engine.
External Correlation Engines

• LogSerfer
• ruleCore
• Band Saw

These correlation engines usually work on flat files, and parse them based on certain rules applied on them. These rules can then create a list of alerts, which look more English then the events received earlier, and are also not unnecessary.
The Service Delivery tool of our choice during this presentation is HP Openview Service Desk – a Windows-based Service Management Front end. The alerts coming from the Network Monitoring Tools will be logged as either Incidents (recommend practice) or as Service Calls (possible other option). There are various ways in which tickets can be logged seamlessly in Service Desk using the various optional plugins available with the tool itself.
The most basic method is to log tickets using the email integration utility in Service Call module. While working with a major IT company on their network management architecture, I came across a setup in which multiple network monitoring tools (NNM, What’s Up Gold, Site Scope, OpenNMS) were sending alerts to a syslog server. This syslog server was also receiving the regular syslog messages from the network devices. An event correlation engine (SEC) was running on this flat file and was generating emails to log tickets. In such a setup, the email format can log the tickets in the Service Call module of Service Desk. This will be a deviation from the Best Practice, however, considering that...

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