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Integration, Scope, Time & Communication Essay

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Individual Project 2

Individual Project 2
Project Mgmt: Integration, Scope, Time & Communication
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The deadline for delivery of the final project to PROVISION (the updated and programmed Wand) is quickly approaching. In only 6 months all aspects must be complete and submitted, therefore, we will schedule an overview meeting for the project stakeholders in order to identify and meet their expectations. An immense amount of organizing and apportioning is needed in order to assure a smooth process and a successful final project. During our meeting we will be reviewing the primary project plan while obtaining as much input from all departments as possible.
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PROVISION is this project’s performing organization. In order to continue to support both doctors and patients, PROVISION is committed to providing the safest and top of the line products.
Independent doctors and hospital owners are the customers of this product and will be our major stakeholders. Their use and then feedback of the updated wand will provide us with valuable feedback on its performance which will measure its success.
Producing the outputs (delivered product) will be the Project team members “compromised of individuals from different groups with knowledge of [this] subject matter or with a specific skill set who carry out the work of the project” (PMBOK Guide, p. 26). This project will require the resources from the following departments:
Product Development – responsible for testing the software updates programmed into the new wand and software functionality together with hardware.
Product Manufacturing – responsible for package designing indicating the new and improved updates and to provide upgrade instructions for customer use.
Product Distribution – responsible for testing of the upgrade instructions and to provide necessary feedback on the implementation of the required new regulations for the wand. Together working closely with the product development and product manufacturing teams in order to fully comprehend all new adjustments and that the new instructions are accurate according to these updates.
Sales & Marketing – responsible for implementation of marketing campaigns including in person marketing calls with hospital administrations and doctors as well as to properly educate the customers on the recent updates to the wand and the government safety regulations which were upgraded in its new release.
Project management team – members of the project team who are directly involved in the project management activities (PMBOK Guide, p. 26). These managers must fully comprehend the importance of the project deadlines which will require allowing necessary employees of this project the proper time to dedicate to this project even if it means they must not take on any other projects during the next six months.
Government agency – require that all provisions, changes and fixes to the updated Wand meet new government safety regulations.
Potential Conflicts
Project managers will be required to manage the expectations of all stakeholders. This will proof a challenging task since different stakeholders may have conflicting objectives. For example:
The manager of the manufacturing department may have the objective of low production cost while the system architect may require technical excellence and the programming contractor maximization of profit.
Identified potential conflicts include disagreement amongst stakeholders in regards to the most important implementations of new software, how to divide up each task among varying departments and time and resources allocated toward each task. Most...

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