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Integrating Instructional Technology Essay

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Sharon Lawrence
June 23, 2013
Jeri Jorgenson-Zwibel

Integrating Instructional Technology

Education is an absolute in society to learn and to be successful in the work world. Instructional technology will give resources and processes that affect the learning capabilities of a student. Although the education of many different types of technology is apparent, the main teaching process is a combination of four main components, 1) management of the education 2) development of the education 3) resources for the education 4) and the learner to earn the education. These components are also known as educational technology, Instructional technology is a sub of educational technology. ...view middle of the document...

Research has shown the development of a students’ learning with the use of technology in education has prospered and helped improved students’ scores on standardized tests (Bain & Ross 1999). “This study has proven the students shown inventive thinking with problem solving and self-concept as well as motivation” (Sivin-Kachala & Bialso, 2000). In today’s society more than ever as been able to provide opportunities that would normally be difficult to have in another way. “The increased ability to communicate with experts enhances students’ learning process” (Bransford, Brown, & Cocking 2000).
There is no clear standard definition of technology integration in K-12 schools (Bebell, Russell, & O’Dwyer, 2004). For some scholars, technology integration was understood and examined in terms of types of teachers’ computer use in the classrooms: low-level (e.g., students doing Internet searches) or high-level use (e.g., students doing multimedia presentations, collecting and interpreting data for projects) (Cuban, Kirkpatrick, & Peck,2001). Technology-supported-pedagogy may be classified into three categories in which technology functions as: (a) replacement, (b) amplification, or (c) transformation (Hughes, 2005). Many questions have up about with this topic with very few direct answers, the rationale of the state of Illinois implement the requirements for the endorsement to be a part of the course design, but the standards and ethics was not clearly articulated but was defined by the curriculum.
Most of the newer technology identifies, designs, and practices strategies for learning but has some diverse populations with at risk students and students with disabilities. In almost every type of business of the professional business, organization, groups and schools has some type of technology to promote knowledge of some kind. There are designs and practices of technology for teaching social, ethical, and legal issues that...

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