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Integrating Human Resource Strategy And Strategic Planning To Achieve Business Excellence

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Submitted : June 24, 2014


Authors: Senga Briggs, William Keogh,  Aberdeen Business School, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Uk. 

Source of article: "Total Quality Management", Abingdon; Jul 1999;v.10, # 4/5, pp. 447-453

For organization to maintain competitive advantage in cooperate arena, one will need to implement a number of strategies so as to ensure that this is achieved whether in the short run or long term period. By ...view middle of the document...

For this to be effective various areas of human resources functions such as recruitment, compensation, performance management, reward and recognition, employee relations and training must be addressed. Strategic planning another area of importance as defined by is as a systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating

this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. 
This is simply saying that in “being the best” one needs to plan effectively to achieve future goals of the organization within a changing environment if it wants to achieve competitive advantage. This will include gathering all other resources other than the one mentioned above and using them at their fullest potential.

One would say that the purpose of the article, is to inform the reader on how businesses go about achieving “business excellence” in a changing environment. The writers made mention of the following points as supporting statements for his argument. They stated that strategic decision making, and effective HR planning play a pivotal role to overall strategy achievement. The writers define the strategic planning as the “process of honest self-assessment that clearly identifies what business the organization is in, how it should improve or reinvent itself and how it intends to make the transformation”. According to the article this process involves strategic decision-making which begins with identification of the vision and mission and objectives of the organization. These are fundamental aspects which are used to govern every level of management. Is was argued, that one of the reasons as to why many organizations fail to reach their fullest potential is due to the fact management fail to understand that this is `umbilical cord' that connects each level to the organization. If the departments are not working towards the achieving the organization’s goals, vision and mission its people will have no shared sense of purpose or direction and this can result to failure of the organization. In an effort to counter this deterrent, the writers explained that successful strategic planning is about releasing the potential of the whole organization. One will agree with the writers, for strategic planning, acts as a “road map” that explains how the company will execute a particular strategy as it provides focus and direction to move from plan to action, fosters communication which can ultimately help the company achieve competitive advantage.

The writers stated that HR Strategies aligned to strategic business planning is a prerequisite to ensure that underlying power structures, procedures, practices, values and norms are in place to facilitate the necessary pace

of change and involving all of an organization's people in the strategy formulation is critical to successful implementation. Based on the article the study that was conducted, the company’s...

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