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Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Essay

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Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
MKT 505
August 27, 2010

The purpose of marketing communication is to effectively inform consumers about the benefits and values of the company’s products, thereby influencing their attitudes and buying behavior (Keegan, Green, pg. 434). The need to be cost effective, to be customer driven, to deliver the best quality and to deliver that quality quickly are some of today’s global realities (Keegan, Green, pg. 543). The challenge of effectively executing this strategy across India and Vietnam is the reason why the marketing team has chosen to use the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Strategy that will be covered in this ...view middle of the document...

These ads will be concentrated in the populated cities of both countries as mentioned in previous research. These regional ads have been adapted because it better suits cultural differences, messages are more tailored, and the products are formulated to consumer taste and preference of each country.
Sales Promotions
This is defined as a method of promotion that enhances and coordinates the efforts of advertising and sales (, 2010). It’s a short-term incentive used by companies to stimulate market demand and consumer purchasing thereby increasing the sales of their products (, 2010). The various forms of sales promotion that the company will be undertaking are the distribution of free samples, coupons, point of purchase materials, prize contests, trade shows/fairs, exhibitions and sponsored events, and clearance sales.
Distribution of free samples is quite expensive however it’s an effective tool of sales promotion used to gain consumer acceptance and increase the product exposure (, 2010). This allows the consumers to test the product before buying it. The samples will be delivered door to door via direct sales force, offered in retail stores, fairs and sponsorship events. The door to door offers will be done mainly in India and the sponsored events in the inter-lands of both countries and the offers in the retail stores will be in the major cities of both countries. This method of promotion will be used for the soft drinks and the nutrition water bottles.
Coupons are certificates that entitles the holder to a specified saving or discount on the purchase of a particular product (, 2010). The customers present their coupons to retailers and get the product at a much reduced price. Coupons will be issued directly by mail, through newspapers and magazines in both countries. Point of purchase materials are banners, signs, photos, posters and other in-store promotional tools. They are demonstrated and displayed at the place where the customer makes actual purchases to remind them about the brand name and promote impulsive buying (, 2010). When it comes to prize contests, consumers are given rewards for analytical or creative thinking about the products in the form of slogan writing, sentence completion, problem solving quiz. This helps to create consumers' interest in the products, provide new ideas for advertising and may reveal buying motives (, 2010). This type of promotion will be done at trade shows/fairs, exhibitions and sponsored events.
Trade shows/fairs, exhibitions and sponsored events are an important technique of sales promotion since they have a wide appeal of audience. Non-governmental organizations such as United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and World Water Council (WWC) events will be sponsored by the company in both countries. During these events the given stalls, booths, tables in a designated area where they display their...

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