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Insurance Company Advertising Essay

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Pre-Seminar Assignment:
ISEG section: 2B
Topic: A new insurance company that sells auto/home/small commercial insurance

* Competitive Analysis #1:

* Name of service: Property and Casualty Insurances

* Parent company: Nationwide Insurance Company

* 2 or 3 key features of service: Example of a car insurance Personal Belongings covered under a certain amount, 24 hour claim service , replacement car

* Estimated age and gender of the target audience: From 16 to 99 years old, it’s a large target

* Tag line / Strap line / Slogan of the product: They changed their tagline from “Life comes at you fast” to “Nationwide is on Your Side” in 2009

* Where the ...view middle of the document...

* Estimated age and gender of the target audience:
The youth with another kind of ads closer to the young people but they also have retirement program. They target a very large part of the population. There is no particular age to be a potential consumer as soon as you’re 16 years old and you want to contract insurance for your vehicle to the retirement plan for aged people.
* Tag line / Strap line / Slogan of the product: “You’re in good hands”

* Where the product is advertised? YouTube Channel, TV commercials, Social Media, Health care magazines, city billboards.

* What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of their advertising (short statement)?
They play on proximity with numerous video ads that show a man in different tense situation and at the end they show how to find the closest agent to avoid the same mistakes as the actor has made. Allstate really want to implement a connection with social media because the main target is the youth, the future car or home or small business owners. Be careful the way you target young people especially for insurance in this conjuncture.
* Competitive Analysis #3:

* Name of product: Homeowner Insurance

* Parent company : American Family Insurance

* 2 or 3 key features of the product or service: Protection of the home against damages (fire, vandalism etc…), protection against domestic...

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