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Instruments Used In Setting Out Asite

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Setting out of a building involves marking of a building position, size and shape in terrain to establish all the pegs, lines and levels needed for construction purposes. It can vary from the measurements of angles and distances by a theodolite to the most sophisticated total station and gps. For all this control points are needed .This essay explains how theodolite, gps and total station are used in setting out a building on a construction site.

First of all the first task is to establish a base line from which the whole building can be set out. Baseline are located by setting out their terminals. If coordinated ...view middle of the document...

when points have been set out and a proper monument of its position established it is often prudent to carry out further checks to ensure that the mark is in correct place.It can be checked by means of differential GPS .prolonged observation from the point after it has been established will give a more accurate result than that obtained by the real time kinematic method .However to guard against the possibility of systematic error in GPS observation or data processing it may be desirable to check the result by some completely independent means i.e the measure of angles and distance with respect to nearby known stations.Typical builders or sites square can be used and the Pythagoras theorem for calculation.setting out using GPS is agreat way of pegging out a boundary line over a large open area of ground it can be used to set building corners for site clearance and footing

Lastly a total station is a modern surveying instrument that integrates an electronic theodolite with an electronic meter. It reads slope distance from the instrument to any particular spot and also it measure angles.Total station must be levelled and then centered over a central point in the same way as for a theodolite as before this must be done correctly in order to for the instrument to give correct results . Having set up the total station it has to be oriented horizontally to the site coordinates system and it may also have to be oriented vertically .an adjancent control point is the chosen as a reference point . Inorder to describe the position of a point polar coordinates are required these need a line and an angle .The total station measures polar coordinates these are calculated as Cartesian coordinates within a...

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