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Institutional Sales Essay

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Ch. 1.0 Executive Summary
3e Consulting is a strategy and human capital services company. Its services are diversified in Corporate as well as education institutions which include building capability in Sales, Business Performance Measurement, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Mapping, Scenario Planning, Leadership Development, Training and Advisory Services. In today's increasingly competitive global marketplace, skillfully navigating the commercial and political crosscurrents can make the difference.  

3e Consulting work with clients to develop and implement practical, results-oriented solutions to ...view middle of the document...

Contemporary companies want creative, collaborative thinkers and leaders who make things happen.
The question they should ask as a recruiter is,
"Do these schools equip their students with a set of skills that is going to serve them well over their careers?"
Whether the company is a bank , a financial institution, a consultancy, a manufacturer or a retailer, or any other sort of business enterprise, the current education at most Indian graduate Schools does not adequately prepare people for the tougher than average challenges they will face when they start careers at leading companies.
By how much does today's education fall short? How do companies bridge the gap between what they need and what Schools provide? 
Reducing this gap is how 3e Consulting helps organizations. They help create a network of highly specialized and trained employees. Employees who are loyal, profitable, having specialized skills and capabilities needed to sustain in a highly commoditized market. Corporates gain competitive advantage by better selection; lower training and attrition costs with zero investments by hiring participants who go through our rigorous, performance based Leadership Development Program.
“The first true Corporate Collaboration Program from 3e Consulting”

“Converting Today’s Uncertainties into Tomorrow’s Possibilities through the Corporate Collaboration Programme”
3e Consulting aims to bridge the gap between the Industry Needs and Employability of Freshers through the specialized designed programs. They build specialised skills which help new recruits make an easier transition to their new role, and deliver sustained performance with minimal guidance and faster time to market. 
The Big GAP
Companies today demand good collaborative thinkers who cooperate to solve problems. Too often, schools deliver good analysts who compete  to apply business school formulas. Furthermore, companies demand specialized knowledge useful to particular professions. 
Schools, however, are more likely to deliver generalists who have trouble digging into special fields that can distinguish them and their employers. Companies demand leaders who can powerfully articulate ideas, orally and in writing, to motivate and guide their people. But schools tend to train people to simply assert their ideas; they don't sensitize them to the critical value of being an excellent communicator.
In April 2004, global accrediting organization of B-Schools (AACSB) issued a report questioning the relevance of B-School Curricula in today's market place. Among their recommendations, teach: "Basic Management Skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, multi-cultural skills, negotiation, leadership development and change management…  And prepare managers for bigger responsibilities."
In the lnaugural issue of Academy of Management, Learning and Education, the authors argue that with the exception of perhaps a few top schools, MBA programmes...

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