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Institute Of Medicine Report

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Institute of Medicine Report 2010-Impact on the Future of Nursing
Hazel Fernandez
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V (0102)

Nursing profession, dynamic in nature is fast growing globally in the industry of health care. Nurses need to be trained and educated to provide quality care and safety to patients in an affordable manner in today’s world. The 2010 Report on the FUTURE OF NURSING: Leading Change, Advancing Health released by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) gives a detailed discussion with recommendations on Transforming the health care system at the Nurses level. This paper discusses the impact of the IOM report on ...view middle of the document...

The patients care needs are more complex and the competency requirement of the nurses has increased to deliver quality care. Some of the competencies that are needed include leadership, research, evidence-based practice, and teamwork collaboration. Community health and public health along with geriatrics are other areas of competency requirement. There are different pathways for nursing students to complete and become Registered Nurses. They are Diploma in Nursing which are offered in hospitals, the Associate degree nurses where students are given training and education in community colleges for 2 to 3 years and the Bachelor of Science Nursing which is a training and educational program for 4 years. Knowing the fact that nursing is the biggest section in the nation’s health care, nurses have a major responsibility in having a direct effect on the patients. This makes it a need for nurses to be prepared to meet patients’ needs, lead the team and render the benefits of knowledge that help patients to safety and quality care.

Nurses at all levels of practice either in communities or acute care settings need the health care system to be transformed to meet the demands for quality, safe and affordable care. Nurses’ face challenges at the practice level in legal matters and they are unable to practice nursing to the fullest level of training. The committee appointed by the IOM determined that constraints that prohibited the nurses from practicing to their full education would be lifted so that they could assume responsibility and practice as required by them. As nurses are entering the field of higher education they are well prepared to meet the demands and needs in view of their scientific knowledge, and adaptive capability. Nurses contribute a wide range of nursing practices, which would benefit Health Care Organizations. Nurses have educated themselves to become APRNs and they can provide more care than it was before. It does seem that some physicians do challenge the expansion of scopes of practice for nurses and the committee delegated by the IOM does not refute the challenges, in fact they stress that certain services could only be rendered by the physicians who are highly trained and specialized in medicine. The argument by the committee states that APRNs are not physicians or substitutes; they render care...

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