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Instilling New Leadership Behaviours In An Organization

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Instilling New Leadership Behaviours in the Organization
Once an organization has gone through a traumatic “rightsizing” a leader must instill new behaviours and work with the survivors to rebuild the culture (or work with them to form a new one) and help make the “change” a smooth and positive process. Restructuring and other events are making leaders look to new ways to guide their companies through and emerge, with hard work and in time, a strong confident company.

Leading Change
How does a leader get trust back? How do they lead the change and make it a permanent fix? Dr. John Kotter contends that there are 8-steps for a leader to implement to facilitate leading a change and help ...view middle of the document...

This human approach will go a long way and be remembered by employees.
Getting participation and involvement from your followers allows the leader to look to the survivors to help shape and design the new look of the company. If a leader involves the survivors, they come to understand the change better and take ownership of the new implementation. This will make the process easier to deal with and give them a sense of empowerment and pride in what they had a hand in building (Daft 2011).

Rebuilding Culture and Identity
After the right sizing, rebuilding the culture and making the organization internally strong should be of utmost importance to the leader. Communication of the vision for the future will help make the followers feel settled and looking forward to being a part of the rebuild (Daft, 2011). This is the start of the new culture and the shaping of the organizational values that will be the building blocks. These followers (or coalition) will be looking to be a part of the new dynamic and will buy-in to the new vision and ideals brought forth. This group can help the leader bring about the change by influencing others who might be leery or unsure post-rightsizing. Seeing that the culture strength at this point is most likely low, this coalition will be invaluable and a key group for the leader to count on.
This new culture will have aspects of the old but a change to a new culture is inevitable. The followers will look to the leader and their daily actions and ethics by way of letting them know what is valued and what is important culturally moving forward. The followers will learn quickly and look to the leaders actions as a mirror for their own moral beahviour (Daft, 2011).
A company’s culture helps provide an identity of who they are and what they’re about, internally and to the external world. It’s the road map or blueprint of what has been successful and how each employee relates to the other. In times of crisis, that is strained and tested. The leader must look to the survivors to help rebuild and ingrain the aspects of the old culture that are still present and applicable and help forge a new culture to build trust and implant the new vision and goals.

New Paradigm’s for a New Reality
A leaders mindset and way...

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