Instant Messenger Changed My Life (For The Better!)

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Instant Messenger Changed My Life (For the Better!)

Since I was in Seventh or Eighth grade I have used AOL Instant Messenger as a way to communicate with my friends and family. I would sit “online” for hours upon hours talking to my friends. You weren’t cool unless you had AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) at your home. Every since the day I started using it I have become “addicted” to it. For a couple of months when it first came out it was kind of taking over my life. It would be the first thing I did when I got home from school, take a break for dinner then go straight back to chatting online until my mom forced me to go to bed. I never thought of it as a learning experience until I got ...view middle of the document...

I find this to be very common for teenagers and other young adults.

AIM in some ways it did teach me a lot of life skills that I will never forget. First off it taught me how to type on a keyboard, I now can type sixty to seventy words a minute from all my years of talking online. Another thing AIM has taught me is communication skills. I know it may sound funny but it is in fact true. Now being in college and having my friends all over the state of Michigan the only way to keep in touch for free is via AIM or e-mail. I personally like to have an ongoing steady conversation with my friends so I prefer AIM. I talk to my parents daily just to see if everything is ok back at home or if there is something I to do for someone else. As Sven Birkerts says in his article Intro the Electronic Millennium, “This shift is happening throughout our culture, away from the patterns and habits of the printed page and toward a new world distinguished by it’s reliance on electronic communication.” (63) Bikerts is basically stating that he thinks nobody will be writing by hand come a few years from now. I agree with this in the sense that just about everyone has a computer except the much elder. The elderly people don’t have computers because they don’t really understand how they “work” i.e. my grandparents. Not to be rude but as those people pass on the generations that do have computers will be older, and up coming generations will in fact be grown up on computers so the writing by hand will slowly but surely disappear. I don’t think it will disappear completely but for the most part.

George Landow writes in his article titled, Twenty Minutes Into the Future, or How Are We Moving Beyond the Book?, “A good bit of Undergraduate reading in America, moreover, does not involve books at all. Since the invention of xerography, instructors, by necessity, have increasingly cobbled together their own anthologies of reading materials, often driven by the fact that long used texts and anthologies have gone out of print.” (216) Mr. Landow is even saying himself that books are going out of style do to the fact that computers are becoming so handy. If we don’t have books to read in our spare time why not talk on Instant Messenger? You are establishing relationships with friends and keeping your writing skills on tact.

Instant Messenger has changed the way I myself personally read and write, due to the fact that I tend to read really fast since I’m used to keeping up...

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