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Insight Paper

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Edward Martinez
Insight Paper

What is culture? Culture is what defines a certain group of people, their actions and other manifestations define what makes them what they are. Two different cultures would be the culture in China and the culture in the United States. On one side you have the strict culture of China where they even consider you a disgrace if you have more than one child. Then you have the U.S. where you pretty much do as you please.

China has got to be one of the most complex and one of the oldest cultures in history. It’s dominated greatly by the Confucian value system which was founded by Confucius, himself, about 2000 years ago. It’s integrated in their morality, social behavior, political, philosophical, and religious thoughts. This value system emphasizes ...view middle of the document...

Culture in the United States is very unique, it’s described as the melting pot, and that’s because it adopts parts and bits of every-other country around the world. It is a country of immigrants, it is majorly influenced by the Europeans, but throughout history it has been influenced also by the cultures of Latin Americans, Africans, Native Americans, and Asians.
It is the most culturally diverse country on the planet. English is the dominant language in this country. While this country is based on religious freedom, it is dominantly Christian. Clothing is widely influenced by celebrities. It is the best country in the world in sports. Parenting practices in the U.S. are very widespread, and it really depends on where you’re from. On one hand you can have an Authoritarian family, where the parents are strict and always demand the kids to do what they say. On the other hand you can have Permissive parents, where the children pretty much do whatever they want. The effect that this type of culture can have on a kid can be very widespread. A child in this culture can become anywhere between mature and with great social skills, to immature and a problem in society. A child growing up in the United States with the right type of parenting can be anybody he/she wants to be, in this country we get the privileges and freedom that most other countries never see a day in their life.

The effect that culture has on development is great. It shapes the identity of an individual. Culture shapes the beliefs, aspirations, and ideas of an individual. Not just through parenting, but through everyday life. The beliefs and ideas of a certain type of culture can shape the way you live. It shapes the way your parents raise you, it even shapes they way your grandparents raised your parents. Some cultures are strict and some are free to do as you please. That’s how we all develop differently.

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