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Inquiring Minds Want Toknow Essay

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Instead of using actual data, numerical values will be assigned to each response in order to group responses from the Penton surveys and questionnaires into various categories. The sample code sheet would include the question, variable number, code description and variable name (p.406). For example:
Question Variable Number Code Description Variable Name
1 Record number RECNUM
2 Respondent number RESNUM
1 3 2= Yes Reader card used
9= Missing
2 4 1 = Telephone Preferred inquiry method
2= Email
3= Website inquiry form
4= Fax-on-demand
5= Reader service card
9= Missing
The code sheet will be set up to compare responses options and the frequency of responses.
7. Assume you are compiling your research report. How would you present the statistical information within this case to the ...view middle of the document...

The IW will then take the statistical data and recommendation under consideration when contemplating whether the reader cards should remain a viable inquiry method.
8. Assume you are compiling your research report. What are the limitations of this study?
The study should have been conducted over a period of more than two years. Most importantly, the primary limitation in Penton study is the sample size. Although the standard error is calculated by the 676 of the 710 surveys received, the overall sample size represents such a small fraction of the overall 1.7 million population size. This implies that data or CI (confidence interval) is somewhat inexact.
9. Assume you are the decision maker for IndustryWeek.  Given the declining value of the reader response card to subscribers, originally designed as a value-enhancing service to IW readers and advertisers alike, what further research might be suggested by the findings of this study? Or do you have sufficient information to stop the use of the reader response cards in IndustryWeek? 
There is insufficient data to stop the use of the reader response cards. A more in-depth study must be conducted to measure the value of reader response cards across all 42 industries. It is possible that some industries frequency and preferred method of use may still require the availability of the reader response card. Likewise, such a study would prevent the possible loss of inquiries from groups that are more inclined use more traditional methods of submitting inquiries. A study to assess the feasibility of transferring to a fully web-based inquiry method is suggested. Furthermore, a study to uncover the flaws (response time, ease of use, etc.) in the reader response card system may highlight possible areas of improvement that may subsequently improve overall usage.
Cooper, D. R., & Schindler, P. S. (2011). Business research methods. New York:McGraw-Hill.

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