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Inquiring Minds Essay

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The management-research question hierarchy would start with the management question.
The dilemma that the publisher faces is knowing whether business publication advertising was generating fewer leads that in the past or not. Because the magazines were experiencing a decline in the use of publication readers the publisher had to make a determination on whether fewer leads were being generated. The publisher also had the dilemma of dealing with many of the publishers not tracking the source of the leads that they received.
The next step in the management-research question hierarchy is developing questions that should be asked by the research department. They need to determine if business ...view middle of the document...

Obtaining feedback would also give them an opportunity to know if they had any options to make changes, seek alternatives or remain focused in the direction that they are headed. An investigative question would be if they wanted to use their website to gather responses as well as include a phone number in order for respondents to contact the agency directly. They also could focus investigative questions centered on the pretested reader-targeted mail questionnaire that was done by phone and how useful the information that they obtained was towards what they were seeking. The data showed that almost every respondent had contacted at least one advertiser during the past year. This information could be valuable to the company because it gave them insight on the importance of contacting people to obtain the needed information. In addition, they discovered that many of the respondents had also contacted the company via of fax or e-mail.
The final step in the management-research question hierarchy is the measurement questions. This includes the researcher determining what aspects of how the company was responding to the customer needs and reducing the wait for customers to receive products. Customer satisfaction needs to be measured in order for enough information to be provided.
One ethical issue that is important in this research is protecting the integrity of the information gathered. It is important to assure that no one is harmed or suffer adversely as a result of data being collected. In addition, all codes of ethics must be followed to assure that researcher, assistance and all others involved in any type of research act with integrity and honesty. Information gathered online or in cyberspace is much different that face-to-face investigations, phone or faxed information. Therefore, an ethical issue that must be considered is privacy and protecting the integrity of the information gathered. Collecting data over the telephone has been a highly effective manner to gather the research data that has been sought by companies. Because this is a common method of gathering research there should...

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