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Input Controls Essay

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“An HTML form is a section of a document containing normal content, markup, and special elements called controls.” These controls are commonly referred to as input controls, according to the World Wide Web Consortium. There are many types of input controls that can be used in a web form. They help to provide a framework for the kind of data that will be submitted by users. Selecting the correct input control for a data field is critical.
Text input, select box, radio button, and validation are four examples of input controls. As pointed out by Ponce de Leon, most input controls are visual and interactive. There is also something called a hidden input control. They can be used to store ...view middle of the document...

“The drop- down list box displays the current selection; when the user clicks the arrow, a list of the available choices displays.” (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012) This input control method is used when there are only a specific number of choices to be made. A common example for the drop-down list is when a user is being asked in which state they reside. There are fifty choices, and these are the only options that are acceptable answers to the inquiry. If this input control method was not in place, there could be a multitude of things entered in this block that have nothing to do with the actual drop down lists and would make the program respond with an error, because out of the fifty states not one was chosen. A radio button or option button is a type of graphical user interface element that allows the user to choose only one of a predefined set of options. Think of taking a test online four class with multiple choice answers for example only one can be chosen. Radio buttons are arranged in groups of two or more and displayed on screen as, for example, a list of circular holes that can contain white space (for unselected) or a dot (for selected). Each radio button is normally accompanied by a label describing the choice that the radio button represents. When the user selects a radio button, any previously selected radio button in the same group becomes deselected. Selecting a radio button is done by clicking the mouse on the button, or the caption, or by using a keyboard shortcut. It is possible that initially none of the radio buttons in a group is selected. This state cannot be restored by interacting with the radio button widget but it may be possible through other user interface elements. When used in an HTML form, if no button in a group is checked, then no name-value pair is passed when the form is submitted. For example, for a radio button group named Sex with the options Male and Female, the variable Sex would not be passed, even with a blank value. Validation controls; these are controls for detecting transactional errors in data before being worked on. Its procedures of validation are efficient when carried out near the transaction source. There are types of validation controls; interrogation of fields, records, and files. Input error correction; in the event that error detection occurs in a batch they must be rectified and the records taken back for further processing. The most common techniques for handling errors are immediate correction, file for errors is created, and the entire batch is rejected. However, some errors may be detected at the inputting stage, thus the...

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