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Innovator Leaders Essay

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Innovative Leadership Project

Capella University

According to Intuitive Surgical Inc. (2014): The story of telerobotic surgery involves the union of two very different technologies and the emergence of a completely new approach to minimally-invasive surgery. The first of these technologies emerged in the 1940s and was called "telemanipulation" or "telepresence" the sensation that you are in one location, while being in another.
In Robert Heinlein’s 1942 science fiction short story, entitled Waldo, the lead character, Waldo Farthingwaite-Jones, was born frail, weak and unable to lift his own body weight. Heilnlein describes a glove and harness device that allowed Waldo to ...view middle of the document...

According to Intuitive Surgical Inc. (2014): Recent clinical literature includes several studies that use national databases to evaluate thousands of patient outcomes. These studies compare the VinciSurgery to non-robotic-assisted approaches for specific procedures, such as prostatectomy (removal of the prostate) and hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). For prostatectomy, two of the larger studies1,2 demonstrate that da Vinci Prostatectomy is safer than the prior standard of open surgery. Complications, death, blood loss, and length of hospital stay are all substantially better (statistically significant margin) for da Vinci Prostatectomy patients. For hysterectomy, two representative studies 3,4 show that da Vinci Hysterectomy is as safe as laparoscopy and also reduces the length of hospital stays.

Intuitive Surgical globally educates hospital staff which consist of surgeons, nurses, and the patients. Educating hospital staff gives informal information on the potential benefits, the risk, and any alternatives to the system. Intuitive focuses on the industry as being a leader in providing a clean and appropriate treatment in marketing and content materials.

Leaders of Innovation Model
As new technologies continue to impact healthcare outcomes and costs, evidence-based medicine and peer-reviewed clinical publications have become increasingly important. According to Intuitive Surgical (2014): Evidence-based medicine relies on the results of clinical trials that study treatment options on a sampling of patients. The results or evidence help doctors, hospitals and governments to decide how to best care for patients. At Intuitive Surgical, our highest priority is and always has been to provide patient benefit by creating products that in a surgeon’s hands are safe, effective and minimally invasive. The model below explains the different levels of featured publications that explain and support the technology of the da Vinci Surgery. The level of evidence specialize in Urology, Gynecology, General Surgery, and Cardiothoracic

LEVEL | DESCRIPTION | New 4th Quarter | Total |
Level 1 | | | |
1a | Systemic reviews of randomized controlled trials | | 2 |
1b | Randomized controlled trials | 1 | 13 |
1c | Randomized controlled trials for robotic technique studies | | 15 |
Level 2 | | | |
2a | Systematic reviews of only comparison studies and Independent database population studies | 26 | 115 |
2b | Prospective non-randomized studies and RCTs with N<20 | 13 | 123 |
Level 3 | | | |
3a | Systematic reviews of mixed studies (comparison and single arm) | 10 | 43 |
3b | Retrospective non-randomized studies and prospective comparison studies with N<20 | 52 | 771 |
Level 4 | | | |
4a | Literature reviews | 17 | 63 |
4b | Single arm studies and retrospective comparison studies with N<20 | 137 | 1857 |
Level V | Case...

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