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Innovative Ways To Achieve 100% Green Banking In Our Bank

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"Innovative ways to achieve 100% green banking in our bank."
Only change is permanent .it is an important statement in this era of technology. as we are aware about the ancient banking there was manual work in the all aspect of banking. Now it changes into queue banking to ‘click banking’. Banks are focused on each and every segment of customer particularly Y- customer (youth customer) as our country has 41.05% of young generation aged group 13-35 .which is considered as “youth” by the Indian government. And this youth percentage is higher when compared to any other country’s youth population (census-2001).
Now the time has changed. It is time of technology. All banks of the word wants ...view middle of the document...

Bank can introduce SB/RD/TD account opening for their IMB user and also through their official website. Customer can also close the same as and when it is required through the same platform.
As we know our country has maximum number of young generation. Bank can attract all the younger generation by this way as they are tech –savvy and due to lack of time they can deal with us through technology.
70% of work has completed if we launch a complete product in the market in all respect and if able to compete with the competitors’ products. Now-a-days customer has a lot of choice .If we are not able to satisfied with our product to them, then they never wait till the new product will be launched or same to be modified. Just remember they want only simple/user friendly/reliable/secure and easily available product. We cant do push marketing. It is not good for us for long time.
Bank should provide ONE STOP BANKING at any cost. Because today’s customer wants instant services.
Submission of simplified application form having debit card, mobile banking, internet banking form , with it and branch should process all eligible account at the real...

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