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Innovation Management Essay

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Unit 403–Managing Information Systems

Welcome to Managing Information Systems – Unit 403
• Managing information systems is a critical skill in today’s fast-paced business environments. Remember that technology underpins almost all business models in what we now call a knowledge era or network economy. As distinct from IT, the field of information systems (IS) transcends the technology in order to make business performance the principle driving factor.
1 May, 2013 Session 1 - MIS Fundamentals 1

Unit 403–Managing Information Systems

Topic Learning Objectives
• Explain why managing information systems is important in today’s business world • Define concepts from the ...view middle of the document...

, & Albon, R. (2013). Implications of Cultural Differences in International Projects. International Journal of Information Technology Project Management, 4(1), 58-71. Jewels, T. (2003). The Dag-Brücken ASRS Case Study. Journal of Information Systems Education: Special Issue on IS Teaching Cases, 14(3), 247-257. Jewels, T., & Bruce, C. (2003, June 24-27). Using a Case Method Approach in an IT Project Management Curriculum: A long look over the shoulder of a practitioner at work. Paper presented at the Informing Science + IT Education Conference, Pori, Finland Jewels, T., & Ford, M. (2006, December 9th). Knowledge Sharing within IT Projects. Paper presented at the Inaugural (First) International Research Workshop on Information Technology Project Management (IRWITPM), Milwaukee, WI. Albon, R., & Jewels, T. (2013). Mutual Performance Monitoring: Elaborating the Development of a Team Learning Theory. Group Decision and Negotiation, (currently available only online).
1 May, 2013 Session 1 - MIS Fundamentals 5

Unit 403–Managing Information Systems

The Role of IS management
What makes an IS Manager different from other types of manager? •Needs an understanding of technical issues •Deals more with “knowledge workers” •Needs to cope with the rapid pace of innovation •Needs to be fluent in new practices and techniques

1 May, 2013

Session 1 - MIS Fundamentals


Unit 403–Managing Information Systems

What do IS Managers Do?
Combine resources efficiently and effectively •Money •Skilled people •Information •Physical property •Time optimising their values in discharging their organisations mission and obtain superior returns for the stakeholders.
1 May, 2013 Session 1 - MIS Fundamentals 7

Unit 403–Managing Information Systems

High Performance Organisations
High-performance organisations that attain or exceed challenging goals, satisfy and expand established markets or develop important new ones, and create superb value for owners, employees and customers are likely to employ empowered, motivated workers supported by well-developed information systems.

1 May, 2013

Session 1 - MIS Fundamentals


Unit 403–Managing Information Systems

The leverage of information and people is so powerful that managers in high-performance organisations devote considerable energy to •managing information •its delivery system •the people who deliver it •those who use it. The combination of skilled people and advanced information technology has revolutionised the concept of management.
1 May, 2013 Session 1 - MIS Fundamentals 9

Unit 403–Managing Information Systems

Organisational Ubiquity
Functions Product Dev. Manufacturing Distribution Sales Service Finance & Accounting Administration
1 May, 2013

Applications Supported Design Automation, parts catalog Materials Logistics, factory automation Warehouse Automation, shipping, receiving Order entry, sales analysis, commissions Call dispatch, parts logistics,...

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