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Innovation Essay

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Businesses have continued to evolve with the ever growing evolution in technology. As a result, it has become vital for businesses to develop effective marketing means to ensure that they are ahead in the game. A vital marketing means has been the integration of Web technology. Web technology has resulted in Web sites that promote web interactions with customers. As a result, interactive communication has been taken to a whole new level. Interactive communication avails a business with a means to realize and meet the customers’ needs. This section of the report looks at four web sites in particular, that of the Economist, Financial Times, Advertising Age and Brand Republic assessing how they ...view middle of the document...

d.). This is a well placed communication link which has an area where the customer can input their e – mail address where the customer is kept up to date with details from The Economist. This communication link is a very important aspect of the interactive communication (Mahmood, 2006). It also offers a ‘Feedback’ tab visibly placed on the side of the screen where the average person would usually go to scroll down the page. This lets customers know that they’re wants and needs are of great importance to the firm further generating trust from customers to return to the site and actively communicate with the firm.

Brand Republic

The Brand Republic website conveys professionalism on arrival to the site with the distinct use of only red, black, white and grey colours. This competence enables customers to have belief in the firm, comfortably knowing the information given on the site is accurate.

They facilitate interactive communication by making the site very dynamic. This is achieved through division of the Web site in to various categories that define what each category talks about. Hence, a customer who visits the site will not be lost in the vast amount of details offered by the Web site enabling them to only take a short amount of time to find what is relevant to them. The categories include the News section, advertisements section, Careers section, Infographics and data section, partners section, insight section and event sections. An...

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