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Inner Journey Texts Essay

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Year 11 English
-Inner Journeys-
Folio and Reflection
By Jordan Thompson
* On the sidewalk bleeding
* By Evan Hunter
An inner Journey is where you allow for growth and a change of self and an understanding of the lessons that have been learnt occurs as a result. It involves overcoming obstacles and how to deal with challenges that can arise. Inner Journeys are depicted in William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth and Evan Hunters short story “On the sidewalk bleeding” to inform responders that inner journeys are a process of overcoming obstacles to result in a new understanding of self-identity.
Inner journeys are a process of facing challenges. Like Shakespeare’s Macbeth whose ...view middle of the document...

In contrast, Hunter’s depiction of “If he never did another thing, he wanted to take off the jacket” emphasises Andy’s changed perspective of himself. Hunter shows the reader how Andy abandoned his gang in favour of his true identity as a man. This change in identity is a result of his inner journey reflecting on his place in the world. Whereas Shakespeare presents Macbeth as realising that his identity is based on false information, Hunter depicts Andy’s identity as being limited by his choices in life and that he wishes to leave the gang. These texts teach responders that it is wiser if you think before you do things in life and by thinking about your decisions, individuals learn more about themselves and create stronger or more realistic identities.
Both Shakespeare and Hunter depict inner journeys as facing personal challenges. Through this experience individuals are able to develop a stronger sense of self.

* 127 Hours: Aron Ralston’s story of survival
* By Alex Hannaford
An inner journey is explored in the article 127 Hours: Aron Ralston’s story of survival. Inner journeys are shown in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and in the article to portray to the audience the importance and realisation of a journey
Difficult circumstances allow individuals to embark on inner journeys. Shakespeare uses Macduff’s realisation of the death of his family to represent an inner journey in which he learns of the importance of honour and family through his use of rhetorical questioning in “All my pretty chickens and their dam in one fell swoop?” Similarly Hannaford explores difficult circumstances as promoting inner journeys in the article “127 Hours: Aron Ralston’s story of survival”. Cumulative listing is shown in the article, “out of water, delirious and hallucinating” portrays to the audience how difficult the circumstance Aron Ralston was in and how he overcame the situation he found himself in by managing to escape. It shows the audience the severity of the situation and how his journey came to a difficult and life changing moment in his life. Repeated use of third person is also used in the article, “but I’d made a choice and it was a choice I was going to have to live with” shows the reader how in difficult times in a journey you have to make a choice which will last forever and shape your perception of self and the world. It portrays to the audience how important it is to make a choice in your journey, a choice which you will have to live with and how your view of the world and self will change in that difficult and life changing journey. Like Macbeth, Alex Hannaford shows the audience how difficult circumstances can arise in an inner journey and how these changes act as a catalyst to an inner journey also reinforcing for responders how challenging situations challenge individuals to understand more of themselves, their inner strengths and weaknesses.
Overcoming adversity allows an individual to develop a strong sense of self. Shakespeare...

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