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Inner Beauty Essay

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Inner Beauty and Physical Beauty
Beauty is defined as the qualities of a person that delight and please the minds of other people. The two major beauties are inner beauty and physical beauty. Inner beauty consists of the qualities that one cannot see but can still sense. Physical beauty consists of the qualities that one can see, and is often inherited from a parent or ancestor. These two beauties often have an impact on personal success and happiness.
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People often mistakenly label the physical beauty as inner beauty.
Another difference between inner beauty and physical beauty is how that beauty is achieved. Inner beauty relates to how people behave. It can be changed through actions, manners and behaviors. Physical beauty is largely inherited from parents. But physical beauty can also be changed with cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. People often choose such interventions to make a more acceptable image.
The importance of the two beauties is the quality. Many people feel inner beauty is more important and pure than physical beauty. It does not lie and involves the heart, mind and soul. Inner beauty never fades away and differentiates one person from another. Physical beauty is temporary and can fade away over time. Inner beauty leaves a lasting impression on people.
In conclusion, inner beauty and physical beauty have equal importance in people’s lives. But they still have differences--the way they are defined, how they are achieved, and how they alter the impressions of people. But it must be emphasized that inner beauty and physical beauty are subjective. Beauty is still in the “eye of the beholder.”

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