Injustice In Work Place Essay

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Injustice in Workplace and its Impact on Organizations
Justice is the wide concept that could be seen or not in many aspects of life, in courts, in countries, between families, or even at workplace or many others. From a business point of view, in which justice might be at any type of private or governmental organizations, employees might face different kinds of unfair treatment based on different reasons. According to Duan, Lam, Chen, and Zhong this is part of what is known as the “ Leadership Justice.” (1288) Which is the part of justice that focused on the rights of employees and how to apply inside organizations. Leadership Justice includes three types of Justice. The first type is the ...view middle of the document...

According to Miles, Fleming, and McKinney “ race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age or disability among others.”(649) are the most common reasons for unfair treatment and discrimination.
As a result of unfair treatment or injustice at the workplace, Employees usually tend to take two positions as a response to what they face. According to Duan, Lam, Chen, and Zhong, the first negative response is the employee silence. This is defined as” the withholding of any form of genuine expression about the individual’s behavioral, cognitive evaluations of his or her organizational circumstances to persons who are perceived to be capable of effecting change or redress.”(1289). Employees who choose to be silent in front of what they face are more likely have chosen it because they are afraid of loosing their jobs or receiving more of the unfair treatment, or to the fear of being exploited (Tjosvold, Wong, and Wan 639). In addition, sometimes they do not trust the management, colleagues or the system to change the situation or improve it (Morrison, Milliken 707). Their choice to be silent means they will not contribute to the work or communicate with others effectively. Therefore, part of the organization is not performing as best as it suppose to and that would reflect on the whole organization performance negatively. According to Morrison and Milliken, There are three types of employees who tend to be silent in the organizations, those who don’t feel they are valued to the organization, those who cannot control the situation or do not have the ability to, and those who have contrast between what they believe inside and how they behave (720). The second negative behavior of the unfair treatment in organizations is the “Organizational retaliatory behavior” (Duan, Lam, Chen, and Zhong1289). Employees who experience unfair treatment in their workplace may develop a negative behavior toward their management or organizations, unsatisfied employees who have the ability to behave against the management and they are not afraid of loosing jobs choose to behave against the organization. According to Miles, Felming And McKinney, the number of organization retaliation has increased significantly in the last decade (694). And even though many laws are enacted to control it, the number is still increasing. In the United States of America, There is a law to protect both the employee and the employer as well. Some employees complain to...

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