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Initial Reflection Eng 202 Essay

570 words - 3 pages

Christopher Munson
Professor Nick Beishline
English 202
1 September 2014
As a college student, I walk into classes striving to gain the most possible out of each and every one of my classes. This is simply a subconscious duty that I believe most college students have. However, as we know, there are some students that walk into class on the first day trying to figure out what the least possible amount of work in their course can be, and still be able to slide by with a passing grade. My question to this is—why? As a student we all should be committed to doing the best that we possibly can. This is about the only negative feeling that I have when in any class on a regular basis.
I believe that I need to improve in all areas of my writing, there ...view middle of the document...

However, I did enjoy the discussion portions of these classes; seeing the viewpoints from many different people was very thought provoking at times. I had the same professor for both of these classes, she was excellent and fun, but I did not enjoy that her viewpoints were extremely feministic and I found this very annoying. I felt as though she was very condescending on certain topics because of this. But overall, I have had a great experience with the English courses here at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and am hoping that it continues. I have been pleased with this past week of this course.
My only concern about this course is the peer editing that was mentioned in class. I feel as though this type of editing is often a waste of time due to the fact that students are not all on the same academic levels, it is hard to trust another student with your work when you are not sure of their knowledge in the subject.
According to the syllabus, the workload for this class is going to be consistent and very bearable, which I appreciate. So far, this course also seems to be fairly laid back which is also nice because my other five classes are not at all, due to the fact that my other classes are all ones for my major I believe. So this class will be very beneficial for my studies here along with significantly furthering my English and writing knowledge.
By the end of this semester I hope that writing research papers will come easy to me and that my writing will have improved immensely. If these goals that I have for the end of the semester are achieved, then this class will help me with my two required writing intensive courses that are required within my major. Overall, I feel as though this is going to be one of my most enjoyable classes this semester.

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