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Inherit the Wind is an excellent film created after the play of the same name based on the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial. While based on an actual court case and displaying identical ideas throughout the film, Inherit the Wind is a completely fictional story. It begins with a school teacher named Bert Cates, having been arrested for teaching evolution to his sophomore science class. Bert was not at all sorry for defying the law prohibiting that sort of teaching. He was standing by his idea that any man should have the right to think what they want, and never actually dispelling any ideas of Christian creation or claiming evolution to be fact, but theory. Then Rachel Brown, Bert’s girlfriend ...view middle of the document...

As Brady speaks to his followers, E.K. Hornbeck, columnist for the Baltimore Herald, openly mocked Brady and was contemptuous of the bigotry and ignorance he observed in Hillsboro. Hornbeck revealed to the crowd that Henry Drummond, an attorney famous for successfully defending underdogs, had been sent by the Baltimore Herald to defend Bert in response to his letter. Drummond received little positive attention upon his arrival in Hillsboro. Rachel later returns to face her father, and ultimately engage in the first real conflict of the film. Rachel’s father shames her almost to the point of disowning her after she refuses to leave Bert. The reverend argues to her that “He has nothing to offer you but sin”, and accuses her of betraying her faith. “He does believe in god! --- I haven’t betrayed anyone!” Rachel said, defending the both of them. Rachel failed to persuade her father to understand mainly because of the fact that he despised atheist Henry Drummond coming to Hillsboro to defend Bert. This was vivid example of how hate can rise from differences between city folk and country folk, especially those having to do with religious beliefs.
Later the trial begins with a full courtroom of which the temperature climbed to almost 100 degrees. Both Drummond and Brady are both ready and willing to argue their beliefs in front of the judge, jury, and audience. During the first day in court, a couple people are called to the stand and it does not last long due to severe temperature of the room. Well into the court meeting, the judge announced that Reverend Brown will hold a prayer meeting afterwards. Before anyone leaves, Drummond informs the judge aloud that there will also be an evolution meeting in sudden response. In doing so, Drummond intended to enforce the ideals of equality and freedom of thought that he was there fighting for In the first place. He goes on to say “It’s isn’t enough that everyone who comes into this courtroom has to pass under a sign that says read your Bible.” He then requests that the sign be taken down. Following his request, Drummond follows with “Or else I want another sign put up. Just as big, with just as big letters that says read your Darwin” Which was met with loud contempt from the audience with the exception of the applause from Bert’s young students. It was obvious that traditional ways and thinking had been firmly engrained into the minds and lives of the older citizens of Hillsboro, where as with many youth including Bert and Rachel, their views were more open to change.

The following day, the trial proceeded and witnesses were called. Drummond’s students testified, and Rachel, whom Brady tricked into revealing personal conversations she'd had with Bert. The judge denied all of Drummond's scientific witnesses claiming that evolution itself was not on trial. Having had his hands tied after Bert refused to allow him to question a traumatic...

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