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Informed Consent Summery Report

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Informed Consent Summary Report
BSHS/ 322- Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Human Services
Prof. Theresa Edwards

The four elements of informed consent are competence, voluntariness, full information, and comprehension. In order to fully understand your rights you must possess the following criteria’s. If a person is not informed, they are unable to make a justified decision regarding their situation and therefore, can be misled and potentially make a determination that is not fully based on facts.
The Kids in Crisis Agency takes confidentiality very serious and is a vital part of the intake process for the residents and individuals who are to become employed here. Informed consent documents here imply that all information that is provided to the agency will remain confidential aside from certain specific ...view middle of the document...

This is explained during any intake procedure and also explained to the individual at the moment they make any statements.
The Authorization of Disclosure form for Kids in Crisis is very straight to the point and easy to comprehend. It gives a start and end date, states that the client has the right to revoke disclosure at any time and describes why the disclosure is needed. In the Mass Immunization Clinic Encounter Form the disclosure is very informative and clear to make sure that the patient is fully aware of the risks and benefits of receiving immunizations. It discloses who will be handling the forms and for how long they will be kept on file. It also includes the Code of Virginia for additional testing for HIV, Hepatitis B or C in the event the blood of the patient comes in contact with anything that is contaminated. The final form, Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia Notice and Consent to Determine Eligibility, the agency is requesting consent to assess the child to make sure they meet certain eligibility requirements. The form is very wordy but carefully describes reason for notice, action proposed, description and timelines so that the parent is aware of why the assessments are being conducted. The form also provides a section describing what consent means so that the parent is aware of their rights to grant consent and to ensure that the parent understands and agrees to the terms before signing the form.
All of the informed consent documents critiqued met the four criteria of the Informed Consent section in the text. Although the forms had different ways of presenting the information, all were very clear on what the consent requested was needed for in order for the client to make a well informed decision on whether or not to agree to the terms.

Prince William County Government Agency- Department of Health

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