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Informative Speech: Teen Pregnancy

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Informative speech: Teen Pregnancy

At young ages we all seem to become nurtures, by playing with baby dolls, and playing house with our siblings. So it is easy for us to say that as children we thought we knew what we were doing when it came to taking care of our dolls when we “thought” they needed some assistance. This was just our imagination though. We pretended in the act of taking care of child that was just plastic. At that age do we really imagine what life would be like if we had a real child already to tend to? Do we think about the money you’ll have to spend on bottles, diapers, and formula? Of course not. We’re children, but the problem is that teens are still children, ...view middle of the document...

For STD’s using a sort of contraceptive could prevent this, but other times it cannot. A teen should be informed on who their partner has been sexually active with and should get checked. The next possible factor of teen pregnancy is unwanted sex.
According to four in ten girls first intercourse experience happened at age 13 or 14. With that the sex was unwanted and involuntary. A research founded by the Harvard School of Public Health says that girls who are victims to violence with their partner are four to six times more likely to become pregnant. says that 20% of teens become pregnant because of rape. Teen pregnancy isn’t always about lacking contraception or education. Neither is it about a girl being promiscuous, often it is about girls that lose agency over their bodies because of the injuries of being sexually violated. Teen pregnancy isn’t always something the girl can control.
Including both unwanted and wanted sex, statistics show that in the United States itself each year 820,000 teen girls get pregnant. Meaning that 34% of teens become pregnant before the age of 20. At that young age you don’t have much help especially from the person who got you pregnant themselves. states that eight out of ten of the teen dad’s don’t marry the mother of their child. Leaving 79% of teen mothers unmarried. And for ⅔ of those teen mothers, they don’t even graduate high school, or receive a diploma. On top of that, a mother who had a child as a teen, by the time they are thirty years old, only 1.5% of them have continued to college and gotten a degree. All around 85% of teen pregnancy is unplanned and 25% of teen mothers have their second child within two years of their first one.
Financially as a country, the United States actually spends over seven billion dollars to help aid teen mothers. And even though the U.S. does seem involved with help for teen mothers there are still 7.2% of them that don’t get the prenatal care that they need. There is also a 7.6% of teen mothers who use welfare in aiding. Which isn’t so bad because 55% of teenage mothers don’t have a job to begin with. Besides financially the United States should be worried about how we actually looked compared to other countries. For instance, the U.S. has twice the teen pregnancy rate as Canada. For both Germany and France, their teen pregnancy rate is four times lower than ours, and for Japan they are eight times lower than the United States. On another note, since 2007, the teen birth rate has declined by 45% for Hispanics, compared with declines of 37% for blacks and 32% for...

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