Informative Speech Online Shopping Safety

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Online Shopping Safety

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To educate my listeners on the do’s and don’ts while shopping online to ensure their financial safety.
CENTRAL IDEA: Shopping online can be done safely as long as you follow some essential rules.

The Holiday season is officially here! Are you going shop online? There are many people who shop online and have done so for several years without incident. Considering all the internet transactions that take place, various studies suggest that the percentage of those that are fraudulent are actually very small. Nonetheless, it only takes one time to put your financial world into a tale spin. Today, I hope ...view middle of the document...

c. BBB and Truste are most recognized and recommended.
d. Recognize that these are just logos and you need to go to the actual 3rd party’s site and verify.

II. Next, let’s take a look at the computer you use to do your online shopping.
A. Is it a personal or shared (meaning public) computer? You want to avoid shopping on a shared computer because of the possible spyware that may be installed on it.
1. Shopping at home is the preferred way, although mobile shopping is becoming increasing popular due to smart phones. Just make sure the site is secure.
2. Make sure the Wifi you are using is password protected and stick to familiar Wifi hotspots (i.e. Starbucks).
3. Keep your browser up to date with the latest version.
B. Make sure you have an internet security suite that includes an antivirus, firewall and antispyware installed and up to date with latest version.
1. Don’t click on links in emails as sometimes they have viruses attached to them.
2. Don’t click on unsolicited messages with .exe file extension unless it is from a trusted source.

III. Now and most importantly, let’s talk about how we purchase things on the internet.
A. There are many ways to pay for our purchases.
1. First lets talk about debit vs. credit cards. Credit cards are the safest way to purchase. This is because you have the option of doing charge backs if needed, whereas, with debit you don’t have that option.
2. You can also use gift cards.
3. Another trending way is called online only or virtual credit cards which is where a bank or credit card company gives you a credit card number that is not your real account number but is able to make online purchases.
4. Alternately, if your still not sure or just don’t feel comfortable giving your credit information out, many online retailers have the option for you to order products online and pay for them over the phone.
B. And finally, keep a paper trail. Print and save all your online transactions. Also, check your credit card statements as soon as you get them or check them online regularly throughout this holiday season.

So, if your going to do some holiday shopping online, remember, where to shop safely, use a secure...

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