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Informative Speech On Sarah Palin

391 words - 2 pages

Student Name: Tracey Thixton
Course #: COMM 101

Topic: Sarah Palin

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose Statement: To inform the audience of the life and style of Sarah Palin and her career as a politician.


Attention Getter: How did Sarah get as popular as she is today?

Central Idea: Sarah Palin has become a successful Politician, Mother, Grandmother, and Wife by staying true to herself and her beliefs.

Credibility: Have read biographies, watched TV series, and speeches about Sarah Palin.

Preview Statement: Sarah Palin made a breakthrough in 2006 when she became the youngest and first ever female ...view middle of the document...

II. Sarah felt strongly about being outdoors and living where you could hunt.
C. Sarah grew up in small town Wasilla, Alaska
D. Sarah was an avid hunter, an enthusiastic fisherman, and rides snowmobiles
E. She also supported the families’ commercial fishing business.

Connective: Sarah had thoughts of a political career.

III. Sarah Palin’s political career commenced in the year 1992
F. Initially she won a seat in the local City Council.
G. Within four years she was town Mayor.
H. Breakthrough in her political career as she became governor.

Connective: Sarah moves onto to new, daring, and venturesome avenues in her life.

IV. Sarah resigns as a politician and becomes a media star.

A. July 3, 2009 Sarah announces her resignation as Governor
B. Sarah publishes her Autobiography Going Rogue: An American Life (2010)
C. She then penned a deal for her own television show.


Summary: Within a few years Sarah Palin has accomplished a great deal of success, respect and admiration.

Closing Statement: Sarah Palin is just getting started, I feel just getting started on being Sarah.


Biographiq. “Sarah Palin – The Alaskan Barracuda.” Biographiq. (2008): 43

James, Robert. “Sarah Palin The Real Deal.” White Stone books. (2008): 221

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