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Informative Outline On Nuclear Energy

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Theatre Review Form
1. Your WOTA instructor will have provided you with details on the event and what they expect for proof of attendance. It would be a good idea to have this review form handy so that you know the questions you’ll be answering. Give yourself enough time to get seated and settled before the performance.
2. Do not try to write this review during the event, but you may want to jot down some impressions on the program (not on your phone or tablet) that will help you to flesh out your responses. You will ...view middle of the document...

This theatre event consist of many different genres like dance, comedy, and some tragedy. The playwright for Freedom High includes a quartet of plays about American families living I Asia, and a play inspired by the Civil Rights Movement’s “Freedom Summer” created by Adam Kraar. Adam Kraar is a Core Alumnus of the Playwright’s Center and a member of Ensemble Studio Theatre. The scenery that they used was an old back in the day look of an area outside. One cool thing about this play was the pausing motions they used to signify that that scenes were changing. On the stage there were a couple of tree trunks to make it look like the actors were outside. The lighting during certain parts of the play changed constantly. There was times the lighting got dark and gloomy to resemble the darkness of night time and then there were times it was brighter to resemble the sun in day time. The scene was setup to give the audience a vision of back in the day when blacks were in conflict with the Ku Klutz Klan (K.K.K.). In the scenes whenever the K.K.K. would show up the lighting would go dim as if they were walking through darkness and looking for lingering black people in the woods. There were some costumes used in this play. One of the costumes was the white clothing with the hood that the K.K.K. wore and the other clothing was the clothing the actors chose to wear to help the audience figure who was who. For example, the school girl who loved the black guy Henry, she wore school like clothing to show she was a college student and the older guy on stage wore baggy clothes show he was the drunk out of the group of protestors and the young man who wore a neat button up and bowtie to resemble that he was the preacher.
In the beginning of the play that is when everyone was gathered around one another getting to know each other. Everyone knew they were all there to come up with a plan to go down to Mississippi and protest for rights and justice. From what I remember I think this took place as if they were in a high school building that was rumored to be bombed. In the middle of the play is when the white girl from the rich college came to the school to go protest alongside the rest of the protesters. Also this was the part where the white girl and henry met and got to know one another a little more than protest partners. Then the drunk guy tried to convince the school girl that she should leave Henry alone and be with him. Henry ended up fighting the drunk because he had harassed the girl because she did not want to...

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