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Radio has changed dynamically over time because the technology has changed. Consequently, this has also changed some major characteristics of the music industry. Peculiar, how when radio or radio waves were first discovered by Rudolf Hertz in the 19th century, it was considered “of no use whatsoever.” However, without the finding of wireless communications we would not have television, cell phones, Wi-Fi, or for that matter, radio.
Since radio has changed, the jobs within this field have expanded. You now have DJ’s, on-air personalities, public relations directors, sales and marketing directors, promotional managers, engineers, and producers. However, it still remains that the general ...view middle of the document...

McCoy said he decided to start an internet radio station versus a traditional or conventional radio station because one, being a “contemporary Christian and inspirational radio station, “there is a very niche audience and an internet station provides a cost efficient and direct outlet to that audience, accessible from anywhere in the world.” Also, because internet radio is a growing trend that continues to develop with technology. People now can access their favorite radio station or internet radio station via their cell phones, tablets, or any other number of mobile devices. However, surprisingly, even with the growing number of people to internet radio, traditional radio still has more listeners. “This is because more people can get a radio easier and cheaper than they can get internet or even the device that you would use the internet on. But, from the other side, the business side of a radio station it is much cheaper to run our services through the internet,” said McCoy.
Internet radio also has its effects on the music industry. Because of the internet itself, digital downloads are up but CD sales and total revenues are down. This has caused the music industry to get creative to make up for the lack of sales. The LA Times reports: “In an effort to cope with changing technology and the threat of Internet piracy, the recorded music industry has been exploring new sources of revenue. Royalties from satellite and Internet radio and so-called 360 deals with artist, in which the label shares in concert ticket and merchandise sales, contribute to the labels’ bottom line.” However,...

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