Information Use Essay

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Information Use
Ngoc Le
November 24,2013
Karen L. Miles

Information Use
Information is used everyday to keep you updated with your personal and work settings. Information used in a business is extremely crucial to an organization because it can help your organization grow and improve with new strategies with the new information collected. Information flow is data that goes in 2 ways among managers and departments. Information can flow vertically meaning flowing up and down among managers and horizontally for information traveling through different departments.
In many organizations information is extremely important because without data flowing in and out of departments and ...view middle of the document...

Everyone organization wants a satisfied customer and good performance. “It is highly imperative for every organization to retain and use valuable information about their customers to enhance their business strategies and product and service offerings”. (Jain, N.D). Organizations use technology as a way to help increase information flow within their business. This way is helps their employees have a better understanding or the new changes and improvements needed to fulfill their customer needs. “From a company value perspective, fulfilling customer needs are a key source of income to an organization and achieving complete customer satisfaction is the only key for the company to success” (Szymanski & Henard, 2001). Organizations need technology to keep track of all business data’s such as their transactions, decision-making system, office automation system, and management information system, supply chain management.
I’m in the beauty industry and I currently work for a beauty salon we offer all types of services from hair, nails and skin. In my company that I’m currently in its not too big of a company so we have our receptionist, manger and then our owner. Our receptionist is the first you would speak to once you either call or walk in. They are in charge of handling all customer appointments and needs, from that point on they will schedule the best time for the service the customer is requesting to be done. They mainly control all of the clients needs before the service is actually performed. They handle all the daily transactions as well. From that point on the...

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