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Information Technology Management Essay

4342 words - 18 pages


Tutorial Letter 202/0/2013
Information and Technology Management IV

Year module
School of Computing
This tutorial letter contains the model
answers to assignment 1 & 2, and
the Oct/Nov 2013 examination and
Jan/Feb 2014 supplementary
examination preparation notes.

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19 April 2013


(50 Marks)

Chapter 1 Essay Type Questions:

(25 Marks)

Describe how to assess the value of an innovation.
Page 7 (8 ed.)
Innovation leads to profitable growth if it:

Generates new profit pools;

Increases demand for products and services;

Attracts new customers;

Opens new markets;

Sustains the business for years to come.


Define an information system.
Page 8 (8 ed.)
An information system (IS) collects, processes, stores, analyzes, and distributes information for a


specific purpose or objective.
Basic functions of an IS are:

Input - Data and information about business transactions are captured or collected by
point-of-sale (POS) scanners, Web sites, and received by other input devices.;

Processing - Data is transformed, converted, analyzed for storage or transfer to an
output device;

Output - Data, information, reports, etc. are distributed to digital screens or hardcopy
(paper); sent as audio; or transferred to other ISs via communication networks;

Feedback - A mechanism that monitors and controls operations.
List and describe all the strategies for competitive advantage.
Page 19 (8 ed.)

Cost leadership - Produce product/service at the lowest cost in the industry;

Differentiation - Offer different products, services, or product features;

Niche - Select a narrow-scope segment (market niche) and be the best in quality,
speed, or cost in that segment;

Growth - Increase market share, acquire more customers, or sell more types of

Alliance - Work with business partners in partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, or
virtual companies;

Innovation - Introduce new products/services; put new features in existing
products/services; develop new ways to produce products/services;

Operational effectiveness - Improve the manner in which internal business processes
are executed so that the firm performs similar activities better than rivals;

Customer orientation - Concentrate on customer satisfaction;

Time - Treat time as a resource, then manage it and use it to the firm’s advantage;

Entry barriers - Create barriers to entry. By introducing innovative products or using IT
to provide exceptional service, companies can create entry barriers to discourage new

Customer or supplier lock-in - Encourage customers or suppliers to stay with you rather
than going to competitors. Reduce customers’ bargaining power by locking them in;

Increase switching costs - Discourage customers or suppliers from going to competitors

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