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Information Technology Infrastructure Essay

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Information Technology Infrastructure
By Andrew M Cherny
Arthur Kreitman

In this paper I will be discussing the pros and cons of business information technology systems infrastructure and the emergence of virtualization and cloud computing. IT systems is a trillion dollar a year industry and a must for most businesses to operate in a world of computers, automated warehousing, internet sharing and so on. IT systems allow all employees to share this information on a variety of devices like the traditional desktop pc, laptops, and now even to handhelds with the use of what is known as a network link. The IT infrastructure provides the foundation for supporting ...view middle of the document...

conserving data center space and energy usage (important feature for green thinking). Virtualization can boost server utilization rates to 70 percent higher than the normal 15 to 20 percent capacity which is the typical rate. These higher rates mean that it will take fewer amounts of computers to do the same amount of work. Virtualization capitalizes on centralization and the consolidation of hardware administration. Companies and individuals can now access all of their computer related tasks using a virtualized IT infrastructure the same as you could with cloud computing.
Cloud computing is a model of computing where computer processing, storage, software and various services are supplied as a pool of virtualized resources over a network mostly the internet. The clouds can then be accessed on an as needed basis from any connected device from any location. Businesses that relocate their infrastructure to the cloud avoid the downsides of purchasing, operating or repairing the on-site IT system. One of the advantages for using the cloud is its performance and security levels will never decline. Your business will not have to be concerned about replacing or repairing IT related hardware or updating software, using the cloud hosting and services provider will manage these items for you. Again your business will not have to worry about the large costs of IT systems in need of upgrading, the cloud hosting companies usually bill according to the amount of usage that can be billed on a monthly, yearly as well as per use intervals.

Cloud computing consists of three different types of services:
Cloud infrastructure service: (Laudon & Laudon, 2013). Companies use the processing, storage, networking, and other resources from cloud service providers to run their information systems. Amazon uses its spare capacity of its infrastructure to provide a cloud environment by selling IT infrastructure services, the (S3) or the Simple Storage Service allows customers to store data or the (EC2) Elastic Compute Cloud service for running their applications. Your company only pays for the...

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