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Information Systems Essay

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Information Systems and Software Applications
Isis Corenthia Harvin
March 23, 2011
Mr. William Sims

Information Systems and Software Applications
Technology in the office has completely transformed the order the world conduct business. This statement is valid with computers mostly. International companies are easily managed by individual, and a one computer can carry out the duties of thousands. Large Companies have benefit from cutting –edge technology and create productive devices to help them collect, analyze, and assign details, to make them more aggressive. A few organizational sections that operate “smart” programs to effectively operate organization efficiently are recruiting, promoting, and accounting.
The PeopleSoft program allows Human Resources to manage employees internationally by a single program while abiding with the native rules and regulations. An example of this is Sarbanes – Oxley and HIPPA. Sarbanes-Oxley is very useful to ...view middle of the document...

Active Directory will show an employee contact information without the manager modifications. Without the use of PeopleSoft, this task will be difficult to perform, mainly when individuals change their telephone numbers every couple of years.
Selling is the motor at the end of any company. A division must be involved in every element of the company, from hiring, marketing, and deciding how far the organization operational footprint will prosper. has created a customer relationship management team program called Salesforce. The Salesforce program helps customers from start to finish educating the company to know much more of when, why, and how their customer’s connections are occurring. For example, salesforce program oversees old and new clients when deciding why they purchase, or why they made inquires about the company or the products. It does not make a difference whether or not it was by campaigning, internet, face to face, or a support line, managers may use this information to find out which selling points are more productive. Managers will also use this information to find out which goods are developing a good number of grievances, and agents in sales who are progressing in their area.
Lastly, cash flow have to be monitored with any company, accountants may use the program call iProcurement, from Orcale. iProcurement is a software program that is combined with two other programs to inhabit the users’ base and mainly assign cost centers. The program is helpful for many of reasons. The first reason is it helps the accountants correctly account funds and prohibits non accountants to carry out purchases.
Technology is known as a device, and will be effective when it is being utilize. Organizations can improve procedures, accept policies, and find time to study new alternatives for a small percentage of the cost before the processing programs were implemented. As technology grows, "smart” software programs, for example like iProcurement, PeopleSoft, and Saleforce come up to help incorporate, and create new jobs within existing companies. Large, small and medium companies can surely become more dependent on these “smart” programs.

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