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Information System Technology This Paper Covers What Must One Consider If Adding Automation To An Antiquated System

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When you begin to introduce an automated system into a business one must consider both the advantages and disadvantages. With respect to the advantages one can enjoy reduced clerical cost, quicker processing time and improved customer service. On the other hand, it has been suggested that the implementation of such technologies is more difficult and yields more unintended consequences than is typically acknowledged. Most agree that the computer capabilities can make life a lot easier for all members in a organization. The advantage of time and accuracy spread over the lifespan of the information system also means improved long-term vision and focus for top, middle and lower managers. In ...view middle of the document...

The different in strategic and tactical are not always clear, because both types of information systems may use some of the same data; you might say that the systems sometimes overlap with the difference being in the data that the system uses. Typically, top management uses strategic planning system to forecast long-range company objectives. Each designed information system type produces information for decision making throughout the organization. Regardless of the size of the company in order to achieve any success with the implementation of information technology all three levels must be understood throughout the organization.Information systems are costly, to deploy and maintain, yet the maximization of economic value of information technology in the long-run balance out over the initial set-up cost. The right software products enable teams of people (work groups) to integrate their knowledge, work processes and applications to achieve improved business effectiveness. First, how such technologies are used reflect the effects. Second, how these technologies are likely used when alternative tools co-exist, meaning predictability is difficult from technological characteristics. Third, because people use groupware with other people, one person's choices about how to use groupware may have consequences for other group members, user satisfaction. The measurement for an effective information system must be the users; usage and satisfaction have a strong correlation. The effectiveness of system depends upon the use of the system and if the employees accept it. The information technology department, managers and users together make the process successful. The managers implement the plan, their behavior and motivation plays an important part in the variables for the system to be effective.The question one might ask about technology selection should...

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