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Information System Analysis

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Information System Analysis of LaPlaya Beach Resort |
Matthew Beam |
6/17/2011 |
Professor Zhao

Table of Contents:

I. Summary and Study Permission from LaPlaya Beach Resort
II. Market Segment Analysis
III. Information Systems Description
IV. &
V. System Discussion and Alternative Solutions
VI. Conclusion

I. Summary and Study Permission from LaPlaya Beach Resort

The following report is designed to analyze the information systems at LaPlaya Beach Resort located on the Gulf of Mexico in Naples, Florida. LaPlaya is a $25 million resort that is part of 13 properties owned and/or managed by a corporation known as Noble House. ...view middle of the document...

II. Market Segment Analysis

In its efforts to maximize profit, LaPlaya must compete in a competitive hospitality market that include such competitors as the Ritz Carlton, the Naples Grande, the Hyatt, and other smaller high end boutique resorts. Competing against the Ritz Carlton most directly (located less than one mile from each other) provides a sizeable challenge for LaPlaya, especially when considering the fact that the Ritz provides impeccable service and has an extremely strong brand. In fact, the name Ritz is synonymous with service and amenities with most clientele, as demonstrated by its market share dominance. LaPlaya competes with the strategy that it provides Ritz level service without the pomp and circumstance, or formality. Claiming to be more “laid back” in its atmosphere, LaPlaya effectively appeals to those with high disposable income that just don’t feel as comfortable with the formal atmosphere that the Ritz provides.
Being a high-end resort would indicate that the resort targets people with high amounts of disposable income. This being the case, four further segmentations of the market can be identified. These would be couples looking for a romantic getaway, families, corporate events, and those looking for a beach wedding.
LaPlaya targets couples interested in romantic getaways by offering private cabanas poolside, ambiance influenced beachfront dining, and elegant rooms with amenities such as champagne and strawberries, as well as various other amenity packages.
Families are not forgotten at LaPlaya either. With rooms that open right on the beach, a children’s pool, Smore kits for the fire pit, etc. it is easy to see why families would enjoy a stay at the resort.
Corporate events are a large focus of the sales team at LaPlaya. With spacious, elegant banquets halls, and the LaPlaya Golf course, corporations are provided with everything they are looking for to host their corporate outings.
Finally, LaPlaya provides the ideal atmosphere for a perfect beach wedding. With multiple venues to chose from for the ceremony, one of which is directly on the beach, those that are ready to make the journey are provided with scenic view that will be sure to be remembered by all involved.

III. Information Systems Description

Noble House’s main system solution is provided by Par Technology Corporation, “the industry leader in systems and service solutions for the hospitality industry”(ParTech). Although, as this report indicates, this technology package does not encompass all of Noble House’s sources for information gathering. Various other programs, including in-house derived spreadsheets all combine to provide corporate with the overall picture. Of its 13 properties, Noble House owns nine of them and manages the other four. ParTech, or more specifically, their SMS|Host product suite (Springer Miller Systems) is running in all of their owned properties. However, information systems in their...

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