Information Seeking Essay

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Faculty Information-Seeking
Behaviour in the Changing ICT
Environment: A Study of
Commerce Colleges in
Jayadev Kadli
Librarian, Lala Lajpatrai College
Mahalakshmi, Mumbai – 400 034, INDIA,

B.D. Kumbar
Department of Studies in Library and Information Science
Karnatak University
Dharwad – 580 003 INDIA

The kind of information required by the user, methods adopted in searching
information, environment affected, time spent, problems faced and solutions made,
the satisfaction/dissatisfaction arising from the information gathered and the
relationship of the user with the system – all come under purview of a user study.
A user study is the means ...view middle of the document...

New ways of distributing and accessing information: Tools to access
information, fulltext and multimedia information can be accessed from
remote sites via telecommunications facilities.
New information services: Tools to access information can be used even
from remote sites via LANs and WANs
Information-Seeking Behaviour
The need for information is one of the cognitive needs of humankind. Information
need causes information-seeking behaviour and these concepts complement one
another. Information need and information-seeking behaviour are affected by many
factors. Information-seeking behaviour is expressed in various forms, from reading
printed material to research and experimentation. Scholars, students, and faculty
actively seek current information from the various sources available in libraries,
e.g., encyclopedias, journals and, more currently, electronic media.3
Information-seeking behavior dependes on the reasons for seeking information
and the starting knowledge of the individual. Marchionini describes it as,
“Information-seeking is a special case of problem solving. It includes recognizing
and interpreting the information problem, establishing a plan of search, conducting
the search, evaluating the results, and if necessary, iterating through the process
Numerous theoretical treatments have been proposed to characterize the
information-seeking behaviour, which is complex cognitive process (Belkin et al.,
1982, Kuhlthau, 1991, Marchionini, 1995, Saracevic, 1997, Sutcliffe and Ennis,
1998, Jarvelin and Ingwersen, 2004). Information seeking is a basic activity
indulged in by all people and manifested through a particular behaviour. It is also
an aspect of scholarly work of most of the academic librarians who strive to
develop collections, services, and organizational structures that facilitate
information seeking.
Review of Literature
The literature review plays a very important role in the research process. It is
extremely difficult to review the entire body of user research. Many significant
contributions have been made by psychologists, sociologists, behavioural scientists
and others in addition to library and information science personnel. As a result, the
literature is scattered across many disciplines and wide-ranging resources.
Krikelas (1983) examines the elements of user studies and presents them as
unified concepts within a model of information-seeking behaviour.5 The concept of
information-seeking behaviour, information needs, information gathering,
information giving and source preference are discussed. User Information seeking
behaviour and user Characteristics in seeking information are two entities. These
two entities are studied and gave emphasis on correlation of these two entities in
information-seeking by Sridhar (1987).6 Author used multiple investigation methods
and data collection tools and techniques in his study to determine the
characteristics and information-seeking...

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