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Information Security Policy Essay

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Computer information systems and networks are an integral part of business at Hano Document Printers. The company has made a substantial investment in human and financial resources to create these systems.
The enclosed policies and directives have been established in order to:
• Protect this investment.
• Safeguard the information contained within these systems.
• Reduce business and legal risk.
• Protect the good name of the company.
Violations may result in disciplinary action in accordance with company policy. Failure to observe these guidelines may result in disciplinary action by the company depending upon the type and severity of the violation, whether ...view middle of the document...

The Internet and e-mail
The Internet is a very large, publicly accessible network that has millions of connected users and organizations worldwide. One popular feature of the Internet is e-mail.
Access to the Internet is provided to employees for the benefit of Hano Document Printers and its customers. Employees are able to connect to a variety of business information resources around the world.
Conversely, the Internet is also replete with risks and inappropriate material. To ensure that all employees are responsible and productive Internet users and to protect the company’s interests, the following guidelines have been established for using the Internet and e-mail.
Acceptable use
Employees using the Internet are representing the company. Employees are responsible for ensuring that the Internet is used in an effective, ethical, and lawful manner. Examples of acceptable use are:
• Using Web browsers to obtain business information from commercial Web sites.
• Accessing databases for information as needed.
• Using e-mail for business contacts.
Unacceptable use
Employees must not use the Internet for purposes that are illegal, unethical, harmful to the company, or nonproductive. Examples of unacceptable use are:
• Sending or forwarding chain e-mail, i.e., messages containing instructions to forward the message to others.
• Broadcasting e-mail, i.e., sending the same message to more than 10 recipients or more than one distribution list.
• Conducting a personal business using company resources.
• Transmitting any content that is offensive, harassing, or fraudulent.
File downloads from the Internet are not permitted unless specifically authorized in writing by the IS manager.
Employee responsibilities
An employee who uses the Internet or Internet e-mail shall:
1. Ensure that all communications are for professional reasons and that they do not interfere with his/her productivity.
2. Be responsible for the content of all text, audio, or images that (s)he places or sends over the Internet. All communications should have the employee’s name attached.
3. Not transmit copyrighted materials without permission.
4. Know and abide by all applicable Hano policies dealing with security and confidentiality of company records.
5. Run a virus scan on any executable file(s) received through the Internet.
6. Avoid transmission of nonpublic customer information. If it is necessary to transmit nonpublic information, employees are required to take steps reasonably intended to ensure that information is delivered to the proper person who is authorized to receive such information for a legitimate use.
Employees using the Internet are not permitted to copy, transfer, rename, add, or delete information or programs belonging to others unless given express permission to do so by the owner. Failure to observe copyright or license agreements may result in disciplinary action by the company and/or legal action by the...

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