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Information Security Evaluation Essay

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Information Security Evaluation
CMGT 441
June 16, 2014

Information Security Evaluation
In today's age where technology is constantly developing and shifting faster than most individuals can recognize, one feature stand dependable is company resources. Of these resources, none seems more significant in the age of instant media than information. Safeguarding information can be crucial to a failure or achievement of the company.
Around 2008 to 2009, a consortium of security specialists from the United States government, private industry, and international organizations generate a list of the 20 most critical security controls against threats on the Internet. ...view middle of the document...

These critical security controls emphasis primarily on putting in order security tasks; those which are useful in counteract the most recent involved targeted risks.
Normalization and automation are another high priority to achieve operational effectiveness.
The United States, State Department in 2009, has demonstrated a reduction in more than 88 percent measured security risks across 85,000 systems throughout the complex automation and measurements of the top 20 critical security controls (SANS Institute, 2000-2014).
What SANS discovered for that was; greater part of respondents is mindful of the CSCs and has implemented or is preparing to implement them, while a small percent were mindful of the controls but did not accomplish anything or not be informed of the CSC's whatsoever previous the study. The principal motivation for adopting the CSC's is the need to develop company visibility and decrease security events.
This information denotes...

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