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Information Security Essay

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Human differences
Human beings are prone to certain characteristics that tend to affect their relation to information security. Information security refers to the ability of an individual to ensure that information is free from any kind of access by unwarranted individuals. There are several human inadequacies that affect the level of information security. However, this discussion is going to concentrate on three major human characteristics that affect information security. These include: acts of omission, acts of commission and acts of sequence. These three acts are important in to information security because they are not related to distortion of information but they increase the ...view middle of the document...

The second human trait is acts of commission. Parsons (2010) indicates that there are cases whereby individuals miss out on the correct procedure of performing a particular action. There are cases whereby forget to enter their passwords in the correct forms hence creating challenges to the information system security (Parsons 2010). Performance of an action without observing the correct sequence could also affect information security. For example, there are certain procedures that one is supposed to follow when storing information. Therefore, the inability to follow these steps could make one to store information in files that are easily accessible by unwarranted individuals in an organization.
Probable solutions to the above human acts
There are two factors that are comprehensively adequate in solving the above human acts in regard to information security. These factors include usability and short cuts. Information technology involves certain complex processes that require strict adherence by users of information technology systems. The complexity of these systems makes them to be difficult for human beings to easily operate. Owing to these complexities, most users tend to develop shortcuts in order to make the usage of this technology to be easier. Through the use of shortcuts they end up making information to be vulnerable to insecurity. According to Parsons (2010), most human beings tend to reduce cognitive efforts when dealing with information technology. In a bid to ensure that usability and shortcuts do not affect the level of information security, it essential that there is an increased level of exposure to technology. Through increased usage, users will be able to discern the required procedures and action hence reducing the level of shortcuts used when dealing with information technology.
Dementia and its influence to information security
Breitner (2006) indicates that dementia is a collective term for mental related illnesses. These conditions include inadequacies on memory, thinking speed, mental agility, language, judgment and understanding (Breitner 2006). These conditions resultantly lead o situations such as memory loss, low thinking speed and inadequate words to describe situations...

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