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Emerald is the world’s leading English language publisher of academic and professional management literature, with up to 75,000 full text articles are available to search from via the database, giving it good authority and leading to a wide range of quality material available.
The database itself is very up to date, with publications from this year leading back through the years. There are even publications due to be released in 2009, ready to be read and sourced. Emerald offers full-text articles available to download as .PDF or HTML.
You can limit searches to specific fields such as Author, Journal Title, Country or Company Name. There is also an ‘Advanced ...view middle of the document...

Intute provides access to web resources for academic research and all material is evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists for their quality and relevance.
The catalogue is again up to date to a degree, as it is updated once every month. The service offers a facility to filter results by country of origin. Intute offers a whole range of services, from full text articles, to eBooks and news stories from the World Wide Web.
Intute also has an Advanced Search function in which you can filter down your searches, by subject type, resource type and country of origin. Intute also offers some other useful tools unique to it’s database called ‘Intute Harvester’, which is a larger database than it’s original structure, offering up to 100 more pages indexed from each individual resource website, which may be of use. Using the ‘Intute Harvester’ will broaden your search, to include results that may be of use to you or of equal relevance, but not containing the exact keywords specified by your search input. They also offer a ‘Thesaurus engine’, which helps users by providing them alternative terms that will generate hits from the catalogue.
Using Intute, I first searched for ‘intellectual property’ using the simple search method, which brought up many results, some not appropriate or unrelated to the results intended. I wanted to find news stories relating to the recent developments of intellectual property. I decided to limit the search by searching for new articles only; using the ‘Filter by’ drop down box, so all the results that would be brought up would be taken from news articles. I then ordered the results by date. This brought up a relevant article: ‘Music Law Updates’ which covers intellectual property and online downloads. Using the filter made sure that all my results were taken from news articles from recognised and assessed sources, in this case the New York Times.
Search engine
Google is the most used search engine on the internet, popular with it’s users with it’s simple layout and infrastructure. It uses spider software (Googlebot) to crawl through...

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