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Information Overload Essay

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The Information Overload
This paper discusses changes that corporations may undertake to mitigate information overload. What I intend to show here is that it would be prudent of a corporation to make changes to social systems in order to return to a more productive state of organization. Certainly technical systems play an important role in controlling what information is necessary to assist in the scope of an individual’s specific work goal for the corporation. As the old adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out” and technical influences, such as fire walls, spam filters, permission and security settings can minimize or eliminate all together both input and output garbage as it were. I have ...view middle of the document...

For example, most of us are unable to focus on a task knowing an email just arrived in our inbox; we must stop what we are doing and answer that email in a timely manner, it’s just our nature to think that answering an email immediately is efficient and responsible, when in fact, it is not. (Death by Information Overload. 2009)

The Information Overload Assault
Information overload began as a noticeable issue around the time I began to notice information that there was an increasing issue with ADHD. When the computer was filtered down to the common man, we were immediately assaulted with more information than the human brain could digest. Sure we began undergoing this assault when newspapers came delivered, but it was easier to read a specific section in the paper, or not read the paper at all versus having a computer on that beckons you with beeps and buzzers every time an email arrived or some other information alert you had inadvertently set up. I am simply trying to establish that ADHD was not an issue, or at least not an issue we were aware of until the computer age, the information super highway if you will.
There were always kids in class that were somewhat out of control and just plain did not pay attention until there was some sort of behavioral corrective action applied by the teacher, and amazingly enough, the student was then refocused on the task at hand and both the connection to the classroom and learning process was re-established.
As this affliction became more widely known thanks to the information super highway, it literally spurred an entirely new segment in psychology specializing in this field. We all suffer information overload at some point in our lives, this is the point for most of us when we feel the overwhelmingly need to back off and take a minute to get back to reality, focused on what it is we were doing before we began chasing the meaning of an email that has led us down an endless trail and away from what you were originally working on. With that said, we cannot rely on technical controls to keep us focused on the task at hand and heading down the path we initially set upon, it’s up to each individual to do this through education in the management of information, what we need when we need it.
Already, during the course of this writing I have been distracted by numerous emails, phone calls and intrusions into my home office, having read all the background information and numerous scholarly articles from different perspectives, I have formed my conclusion, yet, I still find it hard to stay the course, because I have not set the boundaries at home I have at work that keep me focused and on task until complete, some adjustments are at hand. This was a personal observation into the subject matter while constructing this paper.
A major distracter for me is trying to express my thoughts in a way that doesn’t plagiarize anyone else’s works. I think it would be easy to surf the web and cite scholarly works...

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