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Information Management Systems Case Study 4

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Case Study from Chapter 7: Apple, Google, and Microsoft Battle for your Internet Experience
Business 5460, Management Information Systems
March 30, 2014
Dr. Mical Ramim

Provide a one page summary identifying major issues
The battle between global giants, Apple, Google and Microsoft, is a fight that has been occurring for many years now. All three companies have been hugely successful in different aspects of their industry. However, as our society’s technology continues to develop each company has had to make drastic changes to adapt to new and upcoming trends. As discussed in the case study, the perfect example of this necessary adaptation is a trending statistic that predicts a ...view middle of the document...

They have operating systems, phones, tablets and much more. However, whereas Microsoft is leading the operating system production, Apple appears to be doing very well in the mobile device industry.
Google is a global champion in advertising and internet innovation. The company has taken the world in a very aggressive manner. It is perhaps most well-known for its search engine platform that continues to have 80% of internet traffic. In addition, it has also taking a strong stand against Apple in the mobile device industry with operating systems like Android. As a result, Apple and Google are not at the best of terms when it comes to the mobile device industry.
These three internet giants are all uniquely identifiable in specific aspects of the consumer internet experience. However, none of them are currently well rounded to the point of winning this battle. If it is true that majority of internet browsing will soon be done on mobile devices, then the one who conquers the mobile industry may have the best advantage. From recent news and observation it is my opinion that Microsoft may be the underdog in this scenario. It will be interesting to see how these companies approach the development of new products over the next few years.
Case Study Questions
1. Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google, and Microsoft.
It’s important to note that the business models of these companies have changed throughout time, and it’s only natural for this to occur as the consumer desire changes. Apple has characterized its business model by focusing on making its hardware the “must have” luxury item (Taylor, 2013). Creating high quality products with sheik marketing, they have been able to introduce bigger and better products annually and have bigger and better revenue. Google takes advantage of its ability to mass advertise and invests heavily into creating new and improving existing products. They could be considered the radical innovators (Avram, 2011). Microsoft has achieved many of their goals, such as a PC in every home. They typically focus on the development of software, but lately they have been attempting to expand their business model. According to Austin and Smith, both Microsoft and Google are doing financially...

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