Information Management In Nursing And Health Care

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Using technology to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Nursing Care
Yelitza Guzman
Walden University
Information Management in Nursing and Health Care
Dr. Annita Manns
May 19, 2013

Using technology to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Nursing Care
The current severe shortage of nurses and health care workers contributes to an ongoing crisis in the US health care system that has many consequences. The inadequate number of qualify personnel in the care setting has a direct impact on the ability of nurses to deliver an appropriate level of care to their patients. Technology holds the promise of alleviating some of these problems by managing and organizing ...view middle of the document...

Once the patient is correctly identify a bracelet is properly place on the patient to be use every time a medication is administer, and before any type of procedure along with another valid identifier.
Another strategy that we use to ensure adequate data entry is the use of electronic
accu -check machines. When accu-checks machines are use we ensure correct patient identification by using the id bracelet and it also transmit the results to the electronic patient’s chart avoiding wrong data entry and ensuring that the patient receives the right dose of insulin. Other features of the electronic documentation system is the use of shared information within the records such as laboratory results, pharmacy information, cardiac monitors and smart IV pumps. All this information can be shared within the system providing nurses actual and accurate information when implementing the plan of care (Mason, Leavitt, Chafee, 2012).
Data Integrity
“Data integrity is refer as the ability to collect, store, and retrieve correct, complete, and current data so it will be available to authorized users when needed”(Hebda & Czar, 2009 pg. 79). Data integrity is one the most important issues in electronic health care system because the decisions that are made to develop and implement a plan of care for a patient are based on the information derived from the collected data. When the data is poor, inaccurate or incomplete it could lead to decisions that can potentially harm the patient.
Nurses have a great responsibility when entering data and charting information. “Because nurses play a fundamental role in patient care, the extend to which information technology supports or detracts from nurse’s work performance can expected to affect patient outcomes” (Kossman & Scheeidnhelm, 2008). Due to the important role of the nurse in keeping data integrity, hospitals should provide the adequate technology training to ensure optimal charting performance.

Contributions of information technology
Nursing informatics benefits nurses and other healthcare professionals and consumers, healthcare organizations, education planners, and resources managers (ANA 2007). There are many ways in which health technology can contribute to patient safety and access of care. Among some of the programs created to improve care are the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the Clinical Physician Order Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE.
Electronic health record (EHR) is a patient centered, real time, point of care, and information resource for clinicians, nurses and every caregiver provider involve in the patient’s plan of care. The electronic record collects information such as problem list, orders, medications, vital signs, past medical history, laboratory results, diagnostic tests, among other things. Using ERH improves...

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