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Information Literacy Essay

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Assignment 1: Information Literacy
Current event article summary:
The article I chose is about the new Apple Watch that Apple released to the public on September 9th, 2014. Although the watch is not available for purchase and to the public yet, Apple released the concept and design of what it will look like and its functions. It will be available to the public early next year. This article discuss’s the color ways and the size of the watch, there are a surprising number of options. There are three versions of the square watch face, each with its own color selection. Also, the watches are available in two sizes, the small is 38 mm and the large is 42 mm. The watch is said to be lightweight ...view middle of the document...

com was a better and more reliable search engine than came up with a mere 75,300,000 results while came up with only 51,200,000. The first results on were the top headlines on the subject which seemed to be more reliable and informative websites, while the first results for were more shopping related websites where you could preorder the Apple Watch or look at pictures. On the right side of the webpage on when you search “Apple Watch,” an informative diagram appears with basic information about the watch including a picture, the announced date, the available colors, and the specifications of the watch. All of this is information someone doing research on the Apple Watch would want to know, making, a better and more reliable search engine than

TRAAP your sources:
This article was written on September 9th, 2014 at 2:13pm. It has not been updated so far.
This article discusses Apple’s new release of the Apple Watch, so yes it does relate to my topic.
The author of this article is Susanna Kim and yes, I do believe she is qualified to write on this subject. Susanna is a business digital reporter for ABC News, she writes about the economy, business, and consumer finance for
This information seems to be very trustworthy to me. It is supported by evidence, videos, and quotes said by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, at the release of the Apple Watch on September 9th, 2014. It claims this article has been reviewed by other writers for as well, so I believe it is accurate and has been tested for accuracy.
The purpose of this article is to inform you and persuade you to buy the...

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