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Information Flow And Its Use In Business Organizations

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Information Flow and its use in Business Organizations

John J. Miller II

CIS 207/Information Systems Fundamentals

University of Phoenix

Information Flow and Business Use

Historically information flowed into organizations via many different methods, and often still is, and was very difficult to access, verify, and otherwise use the information simply because many of the systems in place did not communicate with each other. The purpose of this paper will be to briefly describe how information moves into, around, and out of an organization and why that information is important to the organization. I will also discuss how this information is safe guarded from ...view middle of the document...

I have also read about their use of data analytics to sometimes accurately predict when a female customer is pregnant, so that they can offer appropriate products.

Information Flow

Normally I would discuss information flow in an organization that I am familiar with. However, my past three jobs were either in the military or as a defense contractor and as such required a security clearance. When I left those jobs I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that I would not talk about specifics on what I did.
With that said, all of our information when I was stationed on board a ship was received via email, message traffic, which is like email, but military specific and only accessible over a military communications circuit whereas with email you can send mail to a military address and vice versa, except in the case of classified email.
Email of course was sent directly to the person whom the address belonged to. Message traffic on the other hand was delivered to a communications terminal, where it was manually disseminated to the intended recipients. Message traffic served a more official function; deployment orders and other items of a military specific nature.
That was how information flowed into the ship. Information flow off the ship followed the reverse order. Email was sent from a computer workstation, classified or unclassified, routed through the Ship Exchange Server to the Shore Exchange Server and then to the recipient. Anyone on board the ship had the ability to send and receive email, as long as they had access to a computer.
Outgoing message traffic was uploaded through a network program, and the Communications/IT Department was notified of message traffic pending transmission. I then logged into the program to manually check the format of the outgoing message. After I completed that step I then transmitted the message through yet another program that was tied into our classified Exchange Server. It was then received by the Shore Side Communications Department who then routed the message to whomever it was addressed to, much like the U.S. Post Office. As you can see, information flow is pretty straight forward in the military.

Information Security (INFOSEC)
In the Navy we used many different types of controls to keep our information secure. First and foremost was physical security. To even gain access to the space I worked in one needs to be listed by name on an access list. The door to the space was double locked with a combination dial and cipher lock....

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