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Informal Communication Essay

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Assess importance of Informal Communication in an organization.
Informal communication refers to interchange of information unofficially and it is based on informal relations which is therefore free from all the organizational formalities. Informal communication is also called Grapevine communication which is a term for the information, gossip, rumour and speculation that flows through the set of informal structures that sustain organizations. In modern communication system, Informal communication is found to be used in a mutual supplementary way with the formal communication system. Thus, it is given most importance.
An organization cannot fully depend on one type of communication system that is the formal communication. Therefore, informal communication provides a huge boost to organizational employees. This system also proves that the workers have interest in their association by communicating among themselves and helping to promote ...view middle of the document...

This is because it is free from any pressure and hazard and employees can put forward their various complaints allowing superiors to deliver a prompt solution accordingly. In addition, there are many problems faced by an organization which cannot be resolved with the help of formal communication. So, with more freedom in informal communication, helps the solution of difficult problems. People who are involved in this communication does not hesitate to exchange views and ideas as there is no pressure involved causing them to have an open mind to share information with a positive attitude.
Moreover, it is of great importance in creating intimacy that is bringing the communicator and communicate closer to each other in order to express their views. In most cases, it holds a kernel of truth which allows information from upper management to flow through the grapevine to the lower-levels employees, providing them with problems management is facing. As Kristie Lorette said, grapevine is useful as a supplement of formal channels of communication as it is present within all levels of staff and brings a sense of belonging to employees and managerial staff alike and it is likely to build up the teamwork.
Lastly, Informal communication is vital for achieving certain types of work related tasks. Research has shown that physical distance is the strongest prediction of collaboration between researchers. It promotes frequent and informal communications which are crucial for the planning and negotiation phase of projects (Finholt, Sproull & Krisler, 1990).
For the above reasons, informal communication is desired and conducted in any organization. Kraut & Streeter (1995) found that informal communication is underutilized compared with its value. Even though, it may have negative effects on an organization, it is of great importance for both the organization and people within the organization. It also forms a relationship between the people involved and in turn creates a better working environment for both the employers and the employees. In addition, it motivates workers in talking about issues involve in the organization rather than keeping quiet. Thus, I think that informal communication in an organization is very important in an organization.

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