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Info Precision Essay

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Intellectual Capital Measurement Methods
Jolanta Jurczak*

Evolution of economy has caused important changes in activity of companies on the global market. Nowadays we are observing a growth the importance of intellectual resources as an effective tool for increasing corporate competitiveness. This fact has caused the need to manage companies and to measure their performance in a new way. Measuring Intellectual Capital is essential and very important in order to compare different companies, to estimate their real value or even to control ...view middle of the document...

Edvinson and Malone describes Intellectual Capital as a knowledge that can be converted into value.2 According to them IC encompasses the applied experience, organizational technology, customer relationships and professional skills that provide the company with a competitive advantage in the market. According to Roos, Pike and Fernstrom (2005) “Intellectual Capital can be define as all nonmonetary and nonphysical resources that are fully or partly controlled by the organization and that contribute to the organization’s value creation”.3 The authors divide Intellectual Capital into three categories based on their economic behavior: relational, organizational and human.Stewart defines Intellectual Capital as intellectual material – knowledge, information, intellectual property, experience that can be put to use to create wealth.4

Jolanta Jurczak, MSc., eng - Ph.D. student at Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Production Engineering

1 D. Andriessen, The Financial Value of Intangibles: Searching for the Holy Grail (Paper presented at the 5th World Congress on the Management of Intellectual Capital, January 16–18, 2002), p. 2. 2 L. Edvinsson, M. S. Malone, The Copyright Book: Intellectual Capital, Harper Business 1997, p. 44. 3 G. Roos, S. Pike, L. Fernstrom, Managing Intellectual Capital in Practice, Butterworth-Heinemann, New York 2005, p. 19. 4 N. Bontis, The Copyright Paper: Assessing knowledge Assets: A Review of the Models Used to Measure Intellectual Capital, 2000, p. 2.

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Intellectual Capital Measurement Methods

Bratnicki and Struzyna characterize Intellectual Capital as the sum of knowledge which possess people who creates a community of the company and a practical transformation the knowledge in components. He has divided Intellectual Capital on components like organizational and social capital and human capital. Another definition given by Bukowitz and Williams present Intellectual Capital in dynamic way as a form nonmaterial assets, which thanks to flows of knowledge can generate a potential to create goods.5 It includes three main elements like: human capital, customer capital and organizational capital. Interesting approach to the components of Intellectual Capital present Grudzewski and Hejduk, who say that an intelligence of the organization is not a simply sum of intelligence of it employees but it is a result of existing the synergy phenomenon. The intelligence of the company is built by different elements like: communications intelligence, technological intelligence, innovation intelligence, financial intelligence, marketing intelligence, organizational intelligence, social intelligence and ecological intelligence. As we can see there are many definition of Intellectual Capital. These definitions differ each other in some way but they are not disqualify each other. Most of them present...

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