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Influencing Consumers through Marketing Strategies
This essay will identify the consumer behavior concepts to target potential markets, it will also present the attitudes and intentions of those concepts that affect the consumer decision making process of the target market. It will explain the reason for using these concepts and the results you expect to receive from the study that is used in the development of marketing strategies to be proposed. A questionnaire of no more than 10 questions will be prepared that will best reflect the target group. A marketing strategy will be proposed based on the target group responses to the final questionnaire.
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On the other hand the concept for operant conditioning influences the behavior of both antecedents and consequences. Vicarious learning or modeling is another process in which a consumer changes his or her behavior by watching other and its consequences. Many of these behaviors are studied carefully in order for marketers to identify and target a specific market and influence customer behavior and stimulate behavior.
Marketer’s strategies; Marketers use different strategies to influence consumer, then they use their marketing strategies to influence the consumer behavior and a model for developing, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of a consumer behavior influence strategy.
In order to learn more on consumer behavior, marketers need to obtain more information on the consumer effect, cognition and behavior in regards to the product, service or brand preference of the consumer. Once this information is recollected a marketing mix stimulus such as advertising, commercials, tags, coupons, logos, store signs and more are designed to stimulate or influence consumers in 1 or more ways to purchase the product or service that is being marketed.
Measuring consumer behavior, affect and cognition can help marketers through consumer feedback evaluate the success of the strategy and provide new input in the marketing strategy development process.

Use the concepts of consumer behavior and how it affects their purchasing and consumption is important as this will allow us to analyze the market, if you really know our product will have a chance, select target market. How do the consumers perceive your product, fulfils their needs? After having bought your product do they feel satisfied or dissatisfied? And how are these feelings reflected in their behavior as consumers? Some of these activities may precede the purchase while others may take place later. This is the most important aspect of consumer behavior which has practical action implications for each and business firm. Once having understood the behavior of consumers and knowing that their behavior can be influenced, you can initiate a number of steps to do so. Determining the product mix we have to determine the right mix of product, price, promotion and advertising. Again consumer behavior is extremely useful as it helps find answers too many perplexing questions.
When identifying the different concepts of consumer behavior can use the findings of the investigation and properly handle strategies. This way we can get better results from the study done and be more effective in our goals. During this decision process, the consumer is influenced, by a variety of factors. These influencing variables can be broadly divided into two categories, namely, individual determinants and external variables.
The strategies that are appropriate depend on the levels of consumers’ affective, cognitive, and behavioral responses to the company’s products relative...

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